Drunken musing of the day

Why do the people who advocate for multiculturism and say “multicultirism is our strength” desire an open borders monoculture?

first, which type of liquor and brand brought forth this question from the depth of your soul?


I’d tell you but it’s a bit difficult to find it at the moment. Something to do with the three nights because it was cheap.

Oh man I should lay off the booze a bit


or lock up your smartphone and/or PC and give the key to your apartment security guard before your third round of whatever you had. lol


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Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to have friends to hang out with and drink with

Awww, can’t be that bad . If you are in Taichung I will buy you a half -pint .

These seems like a light snack after a night of drinking. More cheese ?

Given to a stewardess (or so the story goes).


I know I shouldn’t be keeping count of these things but it’s a bit depressing when even your dad doesn’t send a message for your bday

Well , find out first . I only just remembered my younger Son’s Birthday on the 19th , a day or two before. It does not always signify that they care less about you and he may be horrified that he forgot . There maybe a whole load of things that he did for you growing up that you are not even aware of .
Keep that relationship strong if you can .

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You’re probably right. I guess I just found it poignant while observing that over each year fewer and fewer people remember me. But perhaps it’s my own fault

I think that being so far away puts us out of mind . Mind you , I used to have friends calling round at all times in the UK. I quite like the more peaceful life here, but you do tend to lose touch . Again , not always because they don’t care …just normal , but sometimes it feels like they have forgotten .

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Still remember that time we ordered at a pizza joint for the end of the year in year 5 in groups, and I ordered this milksake or something and they gave it to another guy for some reason, but then our teacher took me took the counter because I didn’t get my drink and she was like “I’ll get it for you, it’s ok” and while we were waiting or the check out chick she changed her mind and was like “nah actually take this cup of watered down coke, that will do”. Still bitter about that for some reason

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guessing, your teacher didn’t fit that mold :point_up_2:

I get you. Twenty plus years later, I’m still angry about a teacher giving me detention for something I didn’t do. And then the real culprit was a coward and never copped to it; he was all too happy to see someone else take the fall. Injustice when you’re a kid sucks. Easier to take when you’re an adult for some reason. :man_shrugging: Maybe because you’ve been conditioned to accept it…

I hear you!

On the bright side that happened to you 40 years ago. It happened to me last week. Was waiting for my beer for half an hour and then it turned out my mate already downed it.

Had to have another seven pints juat to get over the tragedy.

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Almost 8pm sitting on the verandah, cold VB in hand. Long day’s over watching the warm summer sun go down. One of life’s simple pleasures