Drunks tear Songshan police station apart

What the heck is going on here? Got people complaining about police harassment, then some drunks tear apart a police station and later meet up for a patty cake session. What am I missing here?

Youre misunderstanding fear and how effective it is on all sides. This is a fun one though.

Crazy story, what were all the cops doing during this incident? Sleeping? Playing games on phones?
Were the police out numbered @ 3am ?
Seems to be the last place this should happen

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I wonder what Yang did

Probably told them no smoking on the sidewalk its illegal!!

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Sounds like the police officer was also drunk and maybe off duty but can’t really tell for sure.

That’s no excuse for them not arresting the other individuals involved.

Where exactly is this precinct anybody know? It looks like the one behind the arena.

Songshan areas vary greatly.

LOL :slight_smile: Only in Taiwan.

Can you imagine this happening in, say, New Jersey? The police would probably be tooling up with portable miniguns.

I suspect there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

The one behind the arena is quite large…but the offices are quite isolated (ive been there 3-4 times)for some reason i think it says something else on the wall other than songshan…

He probably owes them money.


This is . . . not a good look.



They could have shot each other.

Probably having drinks with the local gangsters and a drunken argument happened. Absolute joke.


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Community relations work has its dangers.

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Please remember the kind of power, both political and in actual firepower, carried by these gangs. Bamboo anyone?

I mean, we have Taipei mayor kowtowing to the White Wolf, what do you expect?!


This is what happens when there are no guns and nobody feigns generational destitution.




I thought the White Wolf was Geralt of Rivia…

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Uh no. It’s this guy: