Dry January and Beyond (Ongoing Accountability group)

You should probably get some blood pressure and cholesterol tests done.

I would join in but I don’t remember the last time I had a drink. Having said that I found a 30 year old bottle of single barrel bourbon hidden in some boxes the other day.

I’ll try to do Veganuary instead if that helps.

I have a garbage bin you could dump it in.


I was saving it to give to one of the kids when they grew up. Also have some pandora bracelets for the girls 21st birthdays.

I’ve more or less stopped drinking anyway because even one beer leaves me headachy and groggy in the morning, so it’s just not fun anymore. Dunno what’s going on there. Good luck with your experiment though! It’s definitely a worthwhile goal.

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So is everybody staying dry so far? I had three beers last night for NYE, and been dry as a bone since then.


Just having some coconut water and rum. I got waylayed into not drinking last night.


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I think I’m going to buy a bottle of Kavalan Bourbon expression to drink with my brother in law over CNY. Crazy, but what the hell.


I’ve also been dry since around 3:30 a.m., so it looks like we’re both doing well so far. :blush:

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We caught the covid so I started a a day and a half early. One resolution per day to keep my mind occupied when I’m not sweating to death and wheezing.

Today’s is: one screen at a time. No TV and phone and computer in my face all at the same time. I need to silence the mechanism today as my frontal lobe seems easily overwhelmed. :sneezing_face:


Dry since (and including) Christmas.
My first goal is through most of Lent and then reevaluate for no particular reason other than easy to remember.


I’m not sure you get the, um, spirit of the thread…

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Is it? As per the OP, I am evaluating my drinking habits (as sad as they may be).

Dry January?

We need a clarification @superking

We’re hoping our moral rectitude and clean living will rub off on @tempogain, but let’s just say our hopes aren’t terribly high.

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Yup. Wife has lost her sense of smell apparently. I showered and got dressed today. She’s been in sweats for three days.

But I’m dry, so winner. And I discovered Peaky Blinders on Netflix but the remote is like waaaay across the room. Energy is at a solid three. I’m in a nonverbal shake my head NO state.


Small victories… :+1: