Dry January and Beyond (Ongoing Accountability group)

So I made it. One full year without alcohol!

I will start drinking again, but with some rules as follows:
a) Once a month.
b) Beer only unless it’s a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, LNY, and miscellaneous (for example, someone visiting from overseas and brings a bottle of scotch with him).
c) If I can’t stick to a and b, I go back to abstinence for 6 months.

The reason for the once a month rule is obvious. The beer rule is that I just enjoy scotch too damn much and it is the drink that got me in trouble. I drank beer for years and years without it causing any problems.

So here we go.


I’m also curious.

Not me, anyway.

I like the way I did things last year. Summer, when I’m visiting friends and family in Canada, is the only time I drink all that much. So I had a dry month before going, and a dry month after coming back. I liked the resets that provided. And as I wrote somewhere above, I think that’s very similar to the idea behind Dry January of resetting after a time of overdoing it - and my Decembers in Taiwan are very, very dull.

Through the semester my policy was “If I don’t have a class tomorrow, I’m allowed one drink.” Once in a while that slips to two, but whatever. Now that vacation has started it’s “If I had a drink yesterday [and it’s not Friday or Saturday], I’m not allowed a drink today.”

For me at least managing alcohol is very similar to managing junk food or, heck, social media (and I recognize I’m lucky in that regard). I know it’s mostly unhealthy, but I like it enough that I don’t want to give it up, so I try to make sure I don’t consume all that much of it.

I think the big difference is it’s really, really easy for me to binge on a carton of ice cream or a bag of chocolate or whatever. Fortunately I have basically zero desire to binge on a case of beer or a bottle of whisky. Do I often want a second drink after the first, yeah, but do I want a third drink after the second, no, basically never. (Thank goodness.)


I did 9 days straight.

Now I’m on day two.


Alright. Fresh meat.

Sleeping any better?

Sleep, alertness, energy, motivation, all better and really noticeable about four or five days in.

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Late night sugar cravings?

I’m a year in and I kind of miss the NEED for a bowl of cereal before bed. lol

Another thing I notice, not the first time, people that don’t drink, seem more interested in me whether it’s friends or strangers.

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If I’m not drinking, I kind of give in willingly to less harmful cravings like food and sweets anytime.

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That’s telling, but I’m not sure of what.

Yeah or maybe I’m just more interested in them. I don’t know.

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I found that the frequency with which I have random friendly conversations with strangers increased - from zero to slightly more than zero - when I stopped drinking completely. This is my first ‘Dry January’ too, although I completely cut out the drink since this summer. I also noticed a lot of sugar cravings: still getting those.


Sobriety does do that.


It’s perhaps not my place to repost this person’s story, but going to anyway because the message is no fucking joke.

I was on this quitting wagon last year. I fell off it. Not seriously, but I have been slipping unto drinking for Christmas, new years, funerals, weddings etc etc. It turns into a couple times a week at least, with all “celebrations” tolled.

I had some today. Finishing what’s in the fridge and starting again sober tomorrow. Very sorry for what @jimipresley has gone through. But if anything outside his world, it can really serve as a wake up call to everyone that isn’t yet affected but may be in the future. Sobriety starts at midnight tonight. What isn’t finished is dumped. I can’t imagine putting my loved ones through that. Selfishly, thanks Jimi! And an unknown thanks from my wife and family too.


Ha! I was just going to @ him in here!

Yo, @jimipresley.

We’re here. We’re queer, and we don’t want any more bears! :bear:


Huge thanks to @jimipresley for sharing. The strength to fight through those difficulties and the story itself is something else. Reading it has helped me.

I am just going out the door now in Xindian up the riverside path and I will see where that takes me, as an alternative activity to drinking and smoking.


I was sober for a year then went out for drinks last week. I had four small beers over a period of 2 hours with tons of food (Japanese yakitori restaurant). I was considering allowing whisky for special occasions but I decided against that. Jimipresley’s post really made even more serious about sticking to the rules I set for myself (beer once a month and no whisky). I can’t imagine being that sick for something I caused myself. The stupidity of it all is what made me quit smoking many years ago.


I’ve made it 50 km from xindian to sanzhi. Feels like a week’s worth of moments packed into two days. Blister decloaking off the starboard toe now already though.

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Remind us what you’re doing. I remember talk about a long walk. And I guess with no booze involved?

Yeah plan was to see how far I could get in like ten days. I had grand dreams of making it south, but I’m starting to think those might have been a little abitious. Will keep trundling along though. Yeah no booze.