Dry January and Beyond (Ongoing Accountability group)

You only doing your walking for 10 days?

Originally planned longer but I hit a speed bump taking my kids to China. The same day visa in HK didn’t work which meant the trip ate up a week and lots of money.

Also thought I could easily do 30 km a day but it’s looking more like 25 so far. Anyway it’s great so far as something to do to let the mind unwind. Day three sanzhi to jinshan now.


Reminds me of the guy who ran a marathon a day for charity. He kept it up for a whole year.

I get a nice stress relief from my short 6k mountain runs. I imagine what you’re doing really is great for a complete unwinding of the mind.

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Just bumping the thread. :thread:

Hope all are well. Holidays can suck. :bowing:


Made it to 160 km in the end with the walking, then between the blisters, the farm dogs the weather and the wadlethon thread I reevaluated. Been slightly dazed and eating out of 7-11 for the last few days. Doh!


I’m holding up surprisingly well. There was all kinds of whisky being passed around tonight. The NA beer was a lifesaver. It has been interesting seeing everyone get drunk, each in very different ways. Well, the evening is almost over. I made it. With my one night of beer per month already used up, drinking tonight was not an option and I’m glad I’m keeping to the promise I made to myself.


Made it through several boozed up get-togethers without a single drop touching my lips. :+1:


Just bumping the thread.

My update: what’s good: tomorrow will be seven months with no alcohol. Life without alcohol has been much better, I don’t think I have had a single moment where I regretted giving the stuff up. It’s a clear no brainer.

What could be better. I had a moment of emotional crisis over the winter break. At that moment I went through my options and settled on having a cigarette. (Yes I know that was a stupid decision.) Following from that I began smoking one, two, three, four cigarettes a day. This morning I woke up and resent the date on my give up smoking app. It would have been approaching four months today. Instead it is again day 1. This is my first smoke free day. Why am I choosing today to make the break for freedom? I told my kids about the smoking relapse yesterday and that I would give up again in the near future. The immediate feedback I got was ‘you can give up again now’. For whatever reason it struck me as a very true statement that cut through the nonsense self talk of the addicted.


Yeah, it was my daughter that made me quit for good. I tried countless times previously and failed. One day, I was out on the balcony smoking. My daughter was around 2 and she asked me what I was doing. I’m not sure what bothered me so much about the question but I quit after that and never smoked again. That was years and years ago.

Can I recommend doing some middle-distance sports (cycling, running, swimming, or even circuit-training in the gym)? There’s nothing like trying hard to catch your breath for some motivation.

Is there a thread related to quitting smoking? There should be.


You aren’t addicted to anything. Remember that. You have triggers, and nonsense self talk narratives. Break them.

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Apparently when I was a child I marched up to a guest who was smoking on our balcony, and remarked “Smoking can kill you, you know!”

My parents have always wondered if they should have been mortified, but they were mostly amused, with maybe a bit of pride mixed in.


That’s great news. :newspaper_roll:

I’ve been missing red wine recently, but maybe just because I’m binging Game of Thrones and really like the imp.

I’ve had a few. I just go to IP and yell at mods. So far so good! :blush:


I feel this. I quit again yesterday. I’ve smoked on and off but something brings me to buy a pack and I’m off smoking a few a day for months and then stopping.


Do you feel better when you stop?


If you do, you shouldn’t.

I don’t want to have cancer.

I’m not going to lie, if there wasn’t much cancer risks and heath problems to the cardiovascular system I’d probably keep smoking. I have ADHD and it’s super helpful for it.

What is? The nicotine?

I don’t have ADHD, but I’ve seen a kind of two who legit had it. Most people either self diagnose, which is bad, or are improperly diagnosed and medicated, which is far worse for them.

Yes. It’s really good for concentration.

So is yogic breathing.

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Have you tried nicotine lozenges or sprays? If you really feel you need nicotine, then better than cigarettes. I have a few older family members who only quit when they were in their late 50s and the damage its already done is terrible. Copd and other issues are shit.

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I haven’t but tbh I rather just stop completely. I hate having to depend on it but it’s one of those things that does have benefits for someone with ADHD.

I also don’t like anything but cigarettes :smoking: for nicotine. I used to chew tobacco when playing baseball but something about a cigarette makes me feel like I’m taming fire with my hands.

I take other supplements that’s do help a bit like L-tyrosine.

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