Dry January and Beyond (Ongoing Accountability group)

That’s what we’re there for :smiling_face:

I have ADHD, undiagnosed for the first few decades of my life - it sucked in so many ways!

Now that I’m diagnosed and tried some of the meds it’s like “Holy shit, this is what it’s like to be normal?!? Every day? Omfg…

So, yeah, do that. But be aware that ADHD is like a lot of other mental chemistry imbalances, there’s multiple potential causes, and some of the meds will mess you up more than help if they aren’t “right” for your particular combo.

A good (ADHD-savvy, experienced) doc will be able to steer you in close to the right direction from the get-go just based on your symptoms, a not-so-good doc will just throw shit at you and see what sticks, which could turn you off before you get far enough to find the right one.

All I can say if that happens is persevere and drop the meds and/or change docs if things aren’t going the way you want.

Also, most of the meds are stimulants, and some of them have a “long tail”, so you may have to experiment to find the right dosage and you could accidentally have a few sleepless nights. E.g. I settled on Modafinil, which starts at 200mg per day for narcolepsy (the FDA-approved usage), but I’ll just stay awake for multiple days straight at that dosage, I only need about 50mg a week to keep my ADHD sorted.

Good luck!

My father tried for years, longest he stayed quit was a year, then he’d start again. Then one day he rolled out of bed, lit his first for the day and it tasted like shit. Thought he had a bad one somehow and tried another, it tasted like shit too, never smoked again… Some kind of instinct for self-preservation I guess! :joy:

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I was diagnosed in college so around 19. I’ve had teachers suggest it and I’ve thought maybe I had it but to me it just felt like something I’ll grow out of. I did take meds, adderall, and they absolutely do work. But I couldn’t eat or sleep on it as I took them long term so I decided to go off them.

I kept thinking in my mind I’ll grow out of it. It’s just me being a bit lazy and uninterested or bored. But as I got older, it started to realize it’s not something I just grow out of. Even as I got highly motivated and productive, I still struggled with the symptoms.

I have found nootropics help, I’m not sure if you’ve tried them? Nicotine is a nootropic but I just am concern about the long term health consequences, so is modinifil. I’ve been sticking with supplements like L-tyrosine, choline supplements, taurine also seems to help.

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It’s worth “shopping around”. A friend of mine had that issue when he tried modafinil - by the time the dosage was high enough to help his ADHD he couldn’t sleep. But he kept trying other things and finally found a combination of Ritalin and shrooms that works. (Depends what’s legal and how desperate you are I guess, lol!) :man_shrugging:

I’ve been meaning to try microdosing shrooms to see how it impacts me.

I’ve found small amounts of THC can help focusing and creativity but it does impact short term memory for me when I’m on it so I don’t think it’s a great medication for me. But there are times I use it at night to relax and i suddenly get a good idea and start working on it.

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This has to be top of my list now. The walking was really good, but tends to be super time consuming. I am also trying to loose a beer belly but apparently the walking had no impact on that. I think I will try a run tonight and see what happens. I’ll probably be rolling around on the ground passing in and out of consciousness after a five minute jog, but I guess I have to start somewhere.

I think I might start one. :grin:

Only the imp could strangle his one true love to death, followed up by shooting his father, and afterwards every rational and reasonable person is like, oh the poor imp, I feel terrible for him!


Thanks for the spoilers, dude. I’m on season 2.

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oh, crap, sorry.


It was released 12 years ago. It’s on you to avoid spoilers now.

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Just a little reminder to myself. I’ve been really craving good scotch lately.


That’s rough. I never liked that kind of ultimatum talk or pressure. But hey, if it works for you, good for you.

I’ve been stressed tf out recently with this and that. I actually thought/ craved a splash of red wine. :wine_glass:

I didn’t bite tho. It wouldn’t help. I’ve been guided by a good friend to focus more of the steps needed to achieve my goals. And so I am. Booked my bnb for the 6k run down south, looking for a rental in the area.

The rest will come, or it won’t and something else will. Either way, stone cold sober.


I’m coming up on 8 months without a drop. It’s a no brainer decision, my life is better without it. As the man said: “In 27 years I drank 50,000 beers and they just wash against me like the sea into a pier”.

Drink never actually did anything for me, basically missing nothing.


Sounds so negative. How about clear-headed?

I wish. Sober is all I got these days.

You guys are killing me. Maybe I just have an addiction prone personality. I can abstain- I did for a year just recently- but I never get rid of my cravings.

Over in the diet and exercise thread, finley mentions he no longer craves junk food. Again, I can use my willpower and avoid junk food, but I could very easily right now eat a bag of potato chips and a couple of chocolate bars.

Ardbeg 10 is sounding really good right about now. Very strange because work stress is very low at this moment.


I have an occasional ‘would a drink help, no, ok as you were’ loop. Nothing much though, just the occasional thought. Focusing on the impossible task of ironing out life is better. At least as I fail at that I can have some authentic moments :sweat_smile:

If it makes you feel any better I have doubled down on coffee, candies, computer games and forumosaing. So I think my underlying issues are still there. But just manifesting in less immediately harmful ways. Need to get back on the exercise, just was knocked for six by the flu recently: I was sick for two weeks with it.

I would have zero inclination towards that Ardbeg as I know it would create pain: basically that might as well be a bottle of tears as far as I’m concerned.

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Speaking of which, that’s it for me today. And it does make me feel a bit better because I’m reminded we’re all struggling, but I do wish the best for you and others who contribute to this thread.

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