Dry January and February (Accountability group)

I’m in.

Also, my shitty mood has passed.


Uhm, yes? Is this a cat fishing thing?

Your brain needs Ex-lax. Clear the shit right out of ya. Right quick.


There is evidence that anxiety and depression are caused, or at least exacerbated, by alcohol. This is not the best source of what I’m saying, but it’s still a good watch.


I know that’s not what you meant, but you phrased it in a way that sounds like the cause of anxiety and depression is alcohol… and man… there are plenty of other reasons!

I’m going to try that dry February new thing that I just invented. When I came to Taiwan I rarely drank. Years ago I was laughing at people who would do it on a daily basis. I still see them as alcoholic but I found myself doing almost the same, even if in small quantities (almost a beer a day). I don’t want to have any habits, I don’t want to need anything, and what I really need now is… money, and beers here are expensive!

Mental note: I need to finish the wine I bought from Europe before Dry February starts haha

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Sure Case:
Having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty ; confident and assured. case. An occurrence of something.

There is evidence that alcohol CAN cause anxiety and depression. The evidence is that it changes your brain chemistry. Also, the evidence is that if you have anxiety and/or depression, and you also drink, you first get rid of the alcohol, see what happens, then if you still have these mental issues, you deal with them when you are alcohol free. Many people will find that without the booze, their anxiety and depression go way down and sometimes disappear.


Alcohol can both exacerbate and cause stress. I don’t think there is any doubt about that.
I didn’t drink yesterday. I got through my shitty mood by thinking about it, instead of drinking about it. That’s what this month has been about for me, giving myself the time and opportunity to think about my habits and emotions.

Turns out my emotions are manageable and my habits are breakable.

And of course, alcohol is not the big bad monster. If you want to have a drink, have a drink. If you don’t want to have a drink, don’t have a drink. Just ask yourself… Do you really want to have a drink, or are you just hungry, angry, lonely, tired, or experiencing some other unmet need?


thanks :slight_smile: Called “Sure case”?

So basically like feeling one is right no matter what? then due to intoxication via alcohol? sounds like narcissism but with the excuse of ethanol :thinking:

Do you post just for the sake of it?

I think a lot of mind altering substances will exacerbate whatever is going on already. A happy person can have some drinks and be more happy, a sad person can have some drinks and be more sad.

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In a way, don’t we all?

If you were reading his posts, you’d know that he often posts when he’s sitting waiting for someone else, that’s why we tend to get a flurry of posts from him in a short time. Nothing wrong with it.

Better posting than drinking, right?

I did fill the screen with myself once, and took a picture, and posted about it! Let me see if I can find it



I’ll post more about my personal experience after I get to 31 days. I’m still learning. For now, I’ll just say booze is more dangerous than I previously thought, especially if you get into a daily habit of drinking.


The way my body has responded to NOT drinking makes me agree with your assessment. I feel like I’m rebooting.


I need to lose some weight, might join the dry February group…


Yup. basically just that. I drive around a lot to meet customers and suppliers, i am often left waiting bored out of my friggen mind. I hate social media and a movie started is a movie finished in my mind.

Plus I am genuinely curious about things, such as new words. So I was actually asking you.

Ps. waiting for someone now to come back from atm to pay for a truckload of bananas. so here I wait, bored again and no messages to write this late :slight_smile: Guess your stuck with me for another 10~15…


I know it can… I knew what you meant and that’s why I said “the way you phrased sounds like…”.

OK, so February is going to be cold and both humid and dry.

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Yesterday I found myself in the supermarket, buying a bottle of Prosecco. Then bought a double cheeseburger and chips. Went home. Said to myself, If you drink the booze first you probably won’t enjoy ( or even eat) the burger. If you eat the burger first you almost certainly won’t drink the booze.

So I ate the burger.

The booze is unopened. I’ll give it away.

Yasss queen.


that’s some legit 安排 right there, nicely done. Or for the london folk: Proper 安排!

It’s a good strategy. do the thing that will usually cancel out the other thing first.

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Sounds like a close call. Congratulations. :+1:

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