Dry onion soup mix

Anyone seen dry onion soup mix for sale recently? Preferably Lipton. I have seen it at Wellman’s but it is a whopping NT$90 for a package of two envelopes. Costco used to sell big boxes of it at a good price but I haven’t seen it there for a while.

Barring finding it for sale anywhere else I will break down and get it at Wellman’s. I use it not for soup but for recipes. Anyone know any equivalent?

Thanks in advance.

Proto_tw has Lipton Onion Soup Mix 1.9oz for NT$75; at least that’s a bit cheaper, no? Plus he delivers to your door, which is far more convenient than going all the way up to Tianmu (at least for me). Just go to http://www.estoretaiwan.com

Thanks Dragon Bones… Yep, I’ve got it… any questions about ordering just let me know.

You can click the banner below to go to the site.

Thanks Dragonbones & Proto_tw!

My question would be is that the same two envelope box or is that a single envelope? You also have some other tempting items. NT$80 covers 5kg of shipping? Is that standard post? Can you ship to a P.O. box?

We use either the post office or HsinChu Couriers. A PO box will not work but we can send it to your office, home or a friends house.

The Soup mix comes in a 2 pack box. Any other questions feel free to ask…

Thanks for the info Proto_tw. When I get the time to peruse your merchandise more I shall put together an order.