Dry skin -- I need emu oil

Howdy folks,

I’m sure that many of you in the 'mosa community have experienced the shock and dismay of e-commerce sites that either don’t ship internationally (i.e., to Taiwan) or don’t accept international credit cards.

Here’s another sad case: Lehmans.com used to take credit cards and ship to Taiwan in lickety-split time, but now they don’t. Their policy these days is for “wire transfers” only. That really stinks for me because I used to order emu oil from them and I can’t be bothered with the wire transfer SWIFT-code crapola. Can’t get emu oil anymore, though, and I need some.

Any leads on where to get emu oil in Taipei? :help:

Hey, drop me a line threw the E-Store (click on the baner below). I’ll see what I can do to bring it in for you. We’ve helped bring quite a few specialty products in for people in the past…

Hi I make my own paraben, chemical, synthtic free skin goodies: soap, creams, body butters, scrubs etc.

I import all sorts of stuff to make this.
I found some Australian companies for you, they are close by.

This one seems to have the most reasonable rates and quantities because they ship internationally in bulk and wholesale.

Here are some other Aussie companies to check out too

Good luck