Dry watercolor tray sets, e.g. for kids

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[quote=“Mother Theresa”]…terrific but perfectly basic watercolor sets that I couldn’t find anywhere in Taiwan (we bought one in the US and will replace it there on our next visit).



Are you looking for something like this faber castel one:

or this:

There is a faber castel store in Taipei city, and stationery stores around the city sell these and other watercolors.

I get my 16-color Simbalion watercolor trays for only $60 from the stationery store across from Alleycat’s on Lishui St. I don’t have a card so no address, but look for the plastic bubble machines outside. They are on far left-hand side (facing the back of the store) of the second back aisle (behind the glue and erasers shelf, near the notepads and organizers on the wall).

Thanks ladies. Those both look perfect. I’m glad to know they’re available in Taiwan and will follow up on your posts. :slight_smile:

(Among other places, I had looked at my local Kingstone Books, which has a good selection of art supplies, but didn’t have those.)