DSL Speed Test

Have you ever wondered how your DSL speed compares with others in your area? Check this site out. dslreports.com and go to “our tools” to click on speed test to check your adsl line performance.

Great fun…308kpbs download. Is that good for Taiwan ADSL?

It really depends on who your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is Mark0938. For example, I am using the cheapest hinet adsl service and I get 401kb per sec/download and 54kb per sec/upload from home.

At my Internet Cafe “The American Pie e-Cafe” my ISP is hinet and I have a T1 dedicated leased line. The results I get from the cafe is 1412kb per sec/download and 1448kb per sec/upload. Pretty fast speeds! But I am paying a lot more for this line.

anyone with 512/512 ADSL? it would be interesting to see the results from this type of service as it’s far cheaper than the T1, so if it’s good enough, you might consider it for backup :sunglasses:

Great link T311!! I did wonder how to test my line.
Seems I’ve got 416kb download and 52kb upload. Seems pretty good, but it’s getting late…

I’d also like to know about the 512/512 results. I have been considering to upgrade to a faster service, but I cannot see spending the extra money if there isn’t much improvement…

Unless you’re running a server of some sort, there’s really no need to boost your upload speed. Even if you do, you’d probably only be helping users within Taiwan. Uploading out of Taiwan is horrendously slow.

Hinet has their own speed test utility also. However, it’s all in Chinese. http://www.hinet.net/support/testspeed.html

I did this recently and obtained close to 1100MB download speed and 360 upload speed, that corresponds to the 1500MB download and 384 upload that I am paying for. I use Hinet and they are running a special for new users. I do not have a fixed IP but that is better and i have never had any troubles even though a lot of people are sharing this account, I have a router with DHCP IPs.


Hinet has their own speed test utility also. However, it’s all in Chinese. http://www.hinet.net/support/testspeed.html[/quote][/quote]

I went to this URl and obtained the following results.

[ 1205.3 K bps ] [ 147.7 K bytes/sec ]

I think I use Hinet 512K. Not sure, since I inherited it from a former housemate.

My speed was 235 / 52…not so good i think.

is hinet the best there is in chiao tou, taiwan. any other good dsl services

you can check even Cable speeds, got 1.2 MB/ 396Kb :laughing:

how much is cable? but if many people are online at same time it will be very slow isn’t it? coz I dl a lot…maybe I will just go with dsl…

btw what’s the best dsl or cable company for newsgroups server. thanks