DSLR Cameras in Taiwan

I;ve read some threads here and found that in Bo Ai Road there were a lot of shops. Yes, I went there yesterday and with my poor chinese skills, I managed to get some information hahaaha

They mostly have D3000 from Nikon or 450D from Canon, with the later been a bit more expensier.

The D3000 I found in a shop, it was 19,500 with lenses kit, with 1 year warranty and about 16,500 without warranty. And about the 450D, I forgot, but it was more expensier.

I;m a newbie with this DSLR cameras, so I read on the internet that the D3000 is for beginners, so it seemed perfect for me and the price was ok.

But the thing is… if I buy it without warranty, what happens? I mean… Is it worth to pay like 4,000$ more for 1 year warranty I ‘might’ not use? And they guy had to order it… it was going to take 20 minutes… So, I was like… WTF?! Do you know who provides those ‘gray’ cameras? I mean, what;s the thing with those cameras? Can someone explain me why is it gray market?

Anyways, that was in shop in the Bo Ai Road, one of the manys, but it was the cheapest. Or you guys could recommend me another place, that is cheaper, perhaps?