Dual citizen with only US passport

I am a dual citizen but I only have a US passport (ROC passport expired and misplaced years ago) and planning to work in Taiwan for 2 years. Would I need to obtain the ARC? Or get Taiwan citizen card?

If you plan to enter with U.S. passport, you would need to get work permit and a work visa to enter. Alternatively, you can get a Taiwan passport, and reactivate your household registration.

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any advantages of having the household registration? Is that the only way I could get the universal healthcare? I also have a wife and kids who are not ROC Citizens (wife is Korean).

Don’t enter on your US passport. Enter on your Taiwanese passport. Go to the TECO in the US. Get a new Taiwanese passport and get it all sorted out. I dont know why ANYONE would even consider getting the worthless plastic card they call the ARC if they don’t have to.

Yes, I believe you need household registration to get universal healthcare. I don’t know if you can get it for your wife. I think you can get healthcare for your kids (if they were born to you). I don’t know about non-biological children. You may need to get household registration for them before they get universal healthcare. I don’t know if your children need household registration to attend school like a local.

No you don’t. NHI is available to all those residing in the Free Area.

True household registration entails rights. Wife can have the JFRV, entitling her to easier work and living.

Kids would be automatically Taiwanese.

TRUST ME! You DO NOT want to be a foreigner and unable to receive basic services because they think foreigners are crooks at companies here.

Thank you for that information about NHI. Can you provide a link for that? And how does someone qualify as residing? For example, does entering as a NWOHR and renting an apartment for three to six months count as residing?

I am a foreigner. Even I have NHI. This is standard in countries with universal coverage.

Having residence as a foreigner means you have proof of residency, either a resident visa or a resident card.

But you said in other posts you are Taiwanese.

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Thank you. I will take a look.

Thank you. I know people in various situations who are considering spending some time in Taiwan during covid.