Dual Citizenship -Can I apply for citizenship if my mom is now Taiwanese but she was Filipino when I was born?

Hello, I’m new here so I don’t know how this works but here’s my concern.

Both of my parents are now Taiwanese but they were both Filipino when I was born. They have household registration. They’ve been living in Taiwan for 2 decades. My father’s papers in the Philippines is complicated so we want to use my Mother’s papers instead to apply for citizenship.

Can I apply for Taiwanese citizenship if my mom is now Taiwanese but was Filipino when I was born? And what are the needed steps and documents? I’m also already 22 yr old.

Thank you very much!!!

You are already over 20, so no, iiuc. For citizenship, you should do naturalization, unless your grandparents were Taiwanese when your parents were born, and your parents were actually Taiwanese when you were born.


Yes you can, as long as one of your parents (mom or dad) have a Household Registration here in Taiwan. Of course you need to renounce your Philippine citizenship.

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can Taiwanese citizen sponsor a resident visa of a child older than 20 with ordinary conditions?

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If the parents are current residents in Taiwan and have household registration, then yes. My kids are in the same position as the OP, only they are still under age. As such, they cannot acquire citizenship until they are adults and can renounce their Philippine citizenship. According to Philippine law, and under age child can not renounce his/her citizenship.

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isn’t it a big difference? Immigration Act says minor child of residents can get ARC, but not a child over 20.

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The OP is not applying for ARC, her question is if she can acquire citizenship.

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To get a citizenship based on the parent-child relationships, the OP should reside for 3 years with ARC.

Oh, you mean accompaning naturalization?
But can it be done at age 22? Shouldn’t the OP have did naturalization while being minor then submit a proof of renunciation after becoming adult?

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Again, we do not know if the OP has ARC or not. Parents have been living here for 2 decades, OP is 22 years old, wouldn’t it be safe to assume OP is somehow living with the parents? And if so, maybe has an ARC?


I somehow had an impression that OP is in Philippines from the same information.

@Ange21, are you now in Taiwan on an ARC sponsored by your parent? If so, you can as dasaint says. If not, you should find a way to get an ARC by yourself.

Anyway, you should renounce your current citizenship for Taiwanese citizenship.


To answer this question, minors can not renounce their citizenship in the Philippines. This is why my children can not acquire Taiwan citizenship yet. We did asked MOFA about this, since as you point out Taiwan law “seems” to indicate that an Adult dependent of a Taiwanese citizen is not allowed to gain citizenship. And since our children won’t be able to renounce their Philippine citizenship until they are an adult, they would be in limbo. Can’t acquire citizenship while minor, and can’t acquire citizenship when they become adult. MOFA’s answer is as long as the kids have the required residency (3 years), and they renounce their Philippine citizenship at any time after they reached the age of majority (in Philippine’s case 18 years old), they will be able to acquire Taiwan citizenship.


Thank you for this very insightful information. Thank you for the help!!!

I’m not in Taiwan and do not have ARC. Will do this. Thank you!!!

They were not Taiwanese but both of my grandfather were Chinese. One has Taiwan passport.

were their passports issued from ROC, and they never have passports from PRC?


did he alrwady have the passport when your parent were born?

If so, I guess your parents got their Taiwanese nationality by birth, and they didn’t do naturalization to get their Taiwan passport.

If this is true, you have taiwanese nationality by birth too, even if your parents didn’t have Taiwan passport when you were born.

In that case, I think you can apply for your Taiwan passport with documents your parent used (your grandfather documents, your parent’s birth certificate), and your birth certificate. Then you can get a TARC sponsored by your parent to live in Taiwan, then after living here at least for a year, you can apply for your citizenship.

The above is all if I understand correctly, so you need to confirm it at TECO in your area.



They applied for late registration and got Chinese passport.

Will do. Thank you for the help!

When you will ask to TECO, instead of saying parents were Filipino when you were born, you could say your grandparents have ROC passports and your parents are now ROC citizens, but, when you were born, your parents were nationals without household registrations and they had not applied for their Taiwan passports yet.

Do you mean PRC passport? If so, it might cause some complications.


No, it’s ROC. My mom said it was called Chinese passport because it was issued by TECO in the Philippines and was only temporary then after staying in Taiwan she got her passport issued by Taiwan.

Will do your advice. Thank you very much for the help!

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My kids all have dual now they got both when under 18. It was easy. Over 18 I have no idea.

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Priority is the father if he still alive then the mother. If father died already. Comes in power. The mother can attest to petition you.

Same roc passport issue by teco makati and in taiwan.