Dual citizenship for my daughter?


My wife is from Taiwan…recently we had a daughter here in the US. I would like for my daughter to have dual citizenship…is this possible? Thanks - Steve


According to the new ROC Nationality Law promulgated on February 9, 2000, children may obtain ROC nationality through the blood line of an ROC mother, or an ROC father. Hence, if your wife is an ROC citizen with Household Registration in the ROC area, her children would be eligible to apply for ROC nationality. If you are overseas, you should contact your nearest ROC Overseas Office for full details. If you are in Taiwan, you should contact the Househould Registration Bureau where your wife is registered.
According to US law, your child would also qualify for US citizenship, so the child could be a dual national. Although there are many rumors to the contrary, such a dual nationality status does not violate any US or Taiwanese laws.