Dual Citizenship question, please help!

Hi, I am a dual citizen born in Taiwan. I’m coming back to Taiwan to work, and would like some advice with some legal questions. Thank in advance!!

  1. My Taiwanese passport has a stamp in the endorsements page that says I am an Overseas Chinese “Chiao Ju”. But I heard Overseas Chinese passport numbers begin with a X, but mine doesn’t…can anyone explain? Does that matter?
  2. With a Overseas Chinese “Chiao Ju” stamp, that means I do NOT need to go to the army, right? I was born in Taiwan and is military age.
  3. I am assuming if I want to work, it is much easier to use the Overseas Chinese passport rather than the foreign passport…since I won’t need a visa…correct?
    4)I heard with an Overseas Chinese passport, you still cannot stay in Taiwan for more than 3 or 4 months…or else you get drafted or you can’t work or something…like you have to take a day trip to HK and come back…can anyone explain the procedure in more detail? Thanks!!

I’m a dual national, too. I’ll try and answer your questions…

  1. I have a passport that starts with an “X” and it used to be that if you didn’t have an ID card, you would have to leave every 4 months. You can always apply for a new Taiwan Passport when you get here.

  2. If you were born in Taiwan and are of age, you can be drafted. However, I have heard that if you leave every 4 months, they can’t draft you.

  3. If you still have your old ID number, go to your local Household Registration office and check to see if it is being used. If not, then they can re-issue your ID card. However, if your old registration was somewhere else, you will need certified copies (from the old location) to transfer it, before you can get your ID card. Your old passport should have your ID number in it, if not, find your birth certificate, or better yet, your parents’ old household registration that shows your birth. Yes, using your Taiwan ID card is much easier than applying for a work permit.

  4. I think this was covered in the above answers.

HTH. I did this a couple of years ago, and some things may have changed since then.

crbkstiles, thanks for your help. Just a couple more questions tho…
so if I have an ID number in my passport, I could use that and immidiately start work? Or I still have to use the ID number to apply for an actual ID card? If you register for an ID card for work or what not, doesn’t that mean you’re here to stay and that they’ll draft you?


I met one guy that had an ID card, and still managed to avoid getting drafted. However, I am pretty sure that if you hold an ID card, they can still draft you. I am not completely sure of the legal ramifications, as I am a female.

My employers have always used my ID card to register me with the government. If you don’t want your ID card registered (avoiding the draft) then you can try using your other passport and getting a work permit. Just remember, you will be treated as a foreigner (i.e. taxes, exits/entries, ARC, and so forth).

My girlfriends and I have all used this procedure, and none of us have been drafted.

THanks for the info…as for you friend who manages to avoid the draft, is he using the “leaving Taiwan every 4 months” trick? I know that works, I’m just not sure if it works once you apply for an ID card. If you ever find out, please let me know, thank.

Hi aceman:

I have very similar situation as you were. I have Taiwan passport that starts with 'X", I have “Chiao Ju” stamp and have gone back to Taiwan a few times for vacation (<4 months). I have Tiawan ID card, I haven’t served in the Military yet. Now I am getting US passport in a couple of month. I will be asked to go back to Taiwan to work later this year.

I am wondering what you find out about going back to Taiwan with dual citizenship… which passport to use? do they still stamp your US passport on exit if you enter with Taiwan passport? Do US custom cares about proper stamping in US passport, etc…

Right now I will probably use Taiwan passport to entry/exit Taiwan, with the 4-month trick to stay out of military draft. I am just not sure how to handle the new US passport.

Please share your experience. Thank you very much.

This topic has been covered in detail in previous threads.

Have you searched through all the pages of our Forum, i.e. the historical material, which we call the “archives” ??

You should be able to find answers there.