Dual Currency Accounts


I’m looking for a local bank that users can maintain dual currency accounts.

Anyone know of one?


Citibank Taiwan is your best bet. They also issue monthly statements (both in English and Chinese, you choose) which is not a common practice in local banks.

Local banks usually issue “passbooks” or what we’d call in the U.S. our checkbook registry. When you need it updated, you need to physically TAKE your passbook to a branch office and run it through their “update” machines, etc., and transactions aren’t nearly as descriptive as the Citibank bank statements.

Just my very biased take on the topic.


Try calling some of the multinational banks in the area, here are some of the listings.


Some questions you may want to ask (if applicable):

  1. Do they issue monthly statements? In Chinese, English, or both? If so, are credit card transactions (issued by the same bank of course) included?

  2. Do they accept automated UTILITY payments? Many foreign banks do not (or cannot) offer this service.