Dual voltage receivers/amplifiers?


Does anybody know where to get a dual voltage receiver/amplifier? I need either a 110/220V device or a 220V only that I can use with a step-up converter, while I stay in Taiwan. I am from Europe where 220V is standard and I am not interested in using a step-up converter for the receiver, when I get back “home”.

I have found this page (world-import.com/avamps.htm) that provides a bunch of dual voltage receivers. The problem is that shipping to Taiwan will be multiple hundreds of USD. Nevertheless it seems like Yamaha provides a bunch of dual voltage receivers, so a reference to a Taipei store that sells Yamaha receivers will also be very helpful.

Hope somebody can help :slight_smile:

There are a few stores near Bo-Ai road (also known as the camera street) that might have what you want
maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=25.0 … 5&t=h&z=19
Check the parallel streets there towards zhong hua road

Splendid - I will check it out as soon as possible. Thanks for replying!

Some audiophiles use class D or T amps that are powered by 12V DC batteries. Then you just use a different charger when you need to recharge. Not sure where to buy that stuff here. I think the amps are on Yahoo or eBay and some originate from PRC but they also make them here.