Dublin/ Monaghan bombings- 32 years

This week marks the 32nd anniversary of the Dublin/ Monaghan bombings.

british state collusion with unionist paramilitaries in a cowardly attack on civilians :loco:



aaah yes… still exporting “democracy” after all these years! :laughing:

I just read this and wanted to update my earlier post re: the Dublin/Monaghan bombing anniversary:

2006-05-30 15:03:00.0 EST

An Irish Government inquiry into the 1974 Dublin and
Monaghan bombings, which was due to report this month, has
been granted an extension until July 31st.

The Commission of Investigation led by barrister Patrick
MacEntee needs more time to examine information provided by
an unknown individual it met outside the state a week ago.

“The Commission is satisfied that this person is the person
whom it had been seeking in relation to the outstanding and
unresolved area of its terms of reference,” Mr MacEntee said
in an interim report published tonight.[/quote]


[quote]The Commission said it met this person outside the state on
May 23rd.[/quote]

hmmm…Given the fact that witnesses in these cases are shot (including a leading Ulster Volunteer Force paramilitary member, Mark Haddock, shot today in County Antrim. Mr. Haddock was questioned by detectives about the murder in 1997 of 22-year-old Raymond McCord, whose killing is the focus of a major RUC collusion investigation by the Police Ombudsman), it is a wonder that anybody comes forward with information!

messy business…hopefully this crap will end soon.