Dui bu qi ; i am sorry

OK, so a week or so ago I decided I knew everything.

I sent out responses to many posts; mainly on the D & R forum…(I’m posting here just because it is ‘Open’).

I used a bit too much profanity, and worst of all, I slammed several posters.

Oh, so perhaps I can say, I was PUI (Posting Under the Influence); but that is no excuse.

I want to take this time to apologize to all I offended, and all I slammed.

Dui Bu Qi; I am sorry.

I got a PM from one (Lup); and another posted wake up from (Dr. McC).

I decided in that state of mind that many posts were, " lame ass" or “dumb ass” or whatever I said.

Perhaps my laptop needs to be fitted with a breathalizer; either way, i meant no harm to anyone.

Your posts are legitimate querries and I have no place to degrade you or your opinions or your questions.

Once I went to the bar when I was very drunk because a very good musician was playing there; I went down and listened and enjoyed; and enjoyed; and really enjoyed his music; I was so wasted that while dancing I almost tipped over his tower speaker. I felt like a heel, and my friend reeled me in, off the dance floor.

so my lesson that night was that I had no place being in public in the state I was in.

And on this forum, on that night, I had no place posting on a public forum in the state I was in.

Ok, just wanted to say that I really do enjoy ‘Forumosa’; I have learned a lot since I joined in 2004;

I get some $#!+ too, so I know how it feels to be slammed.

Once someone called me a ‘dumbass’, and I was pissed/ but what did I do? I did the same thing.

So who’s your dumb ass now baby??

Always enjoying Forumosa, always learning, and always yearning for more,



We forgive you, dumbass! (hehe j/k)

thank you sweety,
and thanks for last night.

where are my waffles? i really need some waffles right now, ohh. 'scuse me.

ok, ok … feeling better. was that really you?

i feel like it’s all in a dream…

The ones I made while high on crack cocaine and sherbert were much worse.

that’s OK, BFM,

them there waffles are good. real good.

crack and sherbet? sounds like a good combo you big silly.

oops, oh boy…

i forgot, i just need a simple sample of your sample silly.

crack and sherbet? …we’ll see.

I am taking notes and the silly sample of your self will serve simply to see if a simple sample is sufficient.

thanks for being subject to simple sampling.

better get back to the lab now…

oops, oh boy…

Been there done that. Just say no-to drinking and posting. You’ll feel alot better about it in the morning/afternoon. :smiley: