Dum-Dum are everywhere!

It seems we are invaded. Dum-dum statues are everywhere, in Taipei but also in the provinces, small, big, even huge ones (2m tall).

For those who don’t know, here is a dum-dum.

We asked the Why question around but the usual answer is : “It looks cute!” or “We just like it…”. Was the museum movie popular in Taiwan? Or some companies just started producing them and it worked better than expected?

My girlfriend didn’t notice them until I pointed them out, but they are everywhere. Just wander around and pay attention.


Where can I buy the 2m one?

If my wife complains, I’ll just tell her it will protect us from ghosts.


Provinces plural? You’ve seen them in Fujian too?

Spotted at eslite


They’re used to market a brand of wine at Carrefour.

My cousin has a big one in her house. I kinda hate it. Just takes up space in the living room for no particular reason.

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In Chishang, Donghe and Taitung, that’s quite a lot of provinces already. :grimacing:

Ask her where she bought it. I seriously want one.

Are they wooden or styrofoam?

I’ll put it beside my fountain in the bedroom.

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I can’t really tell what it’s made of. I’ll have to touch it and try to move it around next time I visit. It seems heavy.

I saw the big ones at that same eslite store. Steep price tag, like 16000NT or something if I’m remembering correctly.

They’re really called ‘dum-dum’? And don’t anyone make the assumption that I care that much and tell me to google it.

They’re repped off the Easter Island statues, I don’t think the movie is especially well known

But yeah, the dum dums do indeed seem to be everywhere…

My cousin decorated hers with a lei. It looks ridiculous.

I wonder if they have the full version…


I clicked on this thread thinking Taiwan had discovered Dum-Dum lollipops.

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Don’t question it, just consoom

Taiwan used to have giant penis statues everywhere when I came here first.
True story.


But after you arrived, they realised they were actually only medium-sized penis statues…

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I’m slightly confused.

Bastards ain’t payin’ no royalties to the Easter Islands either…

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Part of a promotion at Carrefour this week as well - I don’t think this is the wine thing referred to upthread.

I assume it’s a statement on how we’re destroying civilization by wasting our resources on idiocies? That’s what’s going on, right?

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 8.48.03 PM

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