Dumbest name for a console ever?

Wii = feeble branding?

  • yep, it sucks
  • no way, i love it
  • gizmondo was dumber

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you may have heard; nintendo has released the official name for the revolution.

they’ve called in the nintendo wii (as in wee)


while the console has come cool specs, who wants to admit to owning a wii?

time for a vote

It’s one of those names that looks good as a logo, but sounds terrible. I really don’t like it, and thought so from the moment I saw the announcement the other night, but you know what? I’m coming around. It’s possibly one of the best publicity moves I have ever seen. Find me any other brandname that’s been talked about so widely, by specialist and mainstream media alike, in such a rapid space of time. The amount of attention this has got, and only a week and a half out of E3, is mindboggling.

Plus, there are a few things that we need to remember - recall the majority initial response to the controller? To the DS? And now what do people think? And then there’s the other thing - Fils-Amie, Iwata, and company have been talking up the “disruption” aspect; this really does fit that strategy. I’m hoping this is just another part of an overarching strategy. They’ve proven capable of making disruption work - the DS, non-games, the revmote/wiimote - so it’s still possible.

Personally, I still think it’s a shitty name - the fact it has to be explained is a bad start - but I’ll still buy one, and we’ll get used to it. I mean, how good a name was “XBox”? “Dreamcast”? “Magnavox”? There’ve been some messed up names before. And I’m willing to wait and see how the marketing is framed. It could still work. It could be a gigantic failure, but it could work, if done properly.

Unless the Game Boy Evolution is going to be called the Nintendo Pu.

I’m just looking forward to saying “那個Wii” :laughing:

I think they have a valid point about it being a name that’s pronounceable in any language. Xbox360 turns into Xbox (in a Taiwaneser English accent if you know what I’m saying) 三六零. Playstation 2 = P-Esuh2. I’m already feeling the name, and I have to agree about all the free publicity their getting all over the net. Every article making fun of the name is making at least one more person who knew nothing about the machine aware of it.

I too will get one no matter what it’s called :smiley:.

Here’s the official site explaining the name change (I think):

but it still sounds like wee… giggles

[quote=“miltownkid”]I think they have a valid point about it being a name that’s pronounceable in any language.[/quote]Except that you can guarantee that in Mandarin it’ll turn into wei. So in France, it’s the Nintendo Yes. In England, it’s the Nintendo Piss. In Scotland, it’s the Nintendo Tiny. And in Taiwan, it’s the Nintendo Hey. :laughing:

I’m just happy the sentence “Don’t fuck with we (Wii).” is now grammatically correct.

I would comment, but I have to go for a wee-wee.

Even better.

“Want to come by my place and play with my Wii.” :laughing:

Someone’s going to get in trouble for that one.

Even better.

“Want to come by my place and play with my Wii.” :laughing: [/quote]

Damn Miltown thats sooo e-vallllll!! lol. :laughing:

I think they have a valid point about it being a name that’s pronounceable in any language. [/quote]

Before Wii the name Nintendo Go was floating around on message boards, Go meaning “five” in Japanese since the now-Wii will be the fifth home-system Nintendo releases. I liked Go much better I have to say, and for some reason I cannot really imagine Doom or Resident Evil being released on the Wii. Doom - Wii? House of the Dead - Wii? Just doesn’t sound right…

I’m glad they didn’t go with Go. That sounds too much like a portable system. Plus I’m pretty sure we’re out of the days of adding the console name to game titles. Seen “Project Gotham Racing 360” about? “Shadow of the Colossus PS2”?

Those Japanese have been fckin with our heads since the dawn of video games…1up, game over, level up…they snuck it all in there when games were still new fangled and no one really noticed- but I doubt they will get away with this blatent piss (wii) take.