Dungeons and Dragons "D&D" (pen and paper, and PSP)

i think that this game has driven some of us to extremely long nights and days of interesting stories…
the last time that I actually played it was … 3 years ago… in spanish jejejeje… but i would love to play it again, i have most of the books in PDF files and if someone wants to make a group let me know… by the way, i live in Hsinchu…
now if someone wants to play maybe ones a month only then it could be in taipei on a weekend… so we could make a nice not too big group and start from lvl one and just keep playing the same characters… actually for this is very important to have a DM that has a lot of knowledge on the subject since i dont remember all the rules now …

Another subject is D&D on PSP, has someone here played it? i know that with the help of a wifi max it can be played online, so there is no need for 2 guys to meet each other to actually play it, but is it nice game? i am thinking about getting it since there might be an update “i think from some articles that i saw” to late it be some kind of MMO with servers for not more than 32 ppl… or something like that jejeje

We play in Taipei every weekend, usually Sun afternoon. Pm me if you’d like.

Thx man, and if anyone wants to plan games or give ideas or anything related with D&D for paper or PSP feel free to do it in this forum !!

The PSP game isn’t bad, if you’re really needing a D&D fix. Not exactly an open storyline, however.

Hi all,

I am in Linkou, Taipei County, but willing to play in Taipei, Banchiao, Taoyuan… most reasonable distances… or host games here in my good-sized dining room.

I have plenty of D&D stuff… rules, a lot of modules for all levels, figures, dice… and for AD&D (old version) I have DM handbook, Players HB. Monster manual… and some modules.

Also have a bunch of Dungeon magazines which have many modules for AD&D and some for D&D

everything needed to play either game is right up here… just need… players… and someone with DM experience … I haven’t DMed since 2nd year in highschool… and hate to even think how long ago that was :slight_smile:

anyone interested please call me

Lee Shackelford
02) 2600-0646

PS FSB… long time no see… how is life?

well i haven’t got much time on the previous 4 months or so… i am barely riding my bike and i have played PSP maybe 4 or 5 times… if i get to recover a good life style i will contact you lee, maybe u already have some guys to play with, but maybe i could join… i have 0 experience as DM… but i love to kick asses with a warrior and a bastard sword !!!

Is anyone in the Taipei county still looking for a DnD game? I and 2 others are looking for at least one more… hopefully 2… to play. We’ve got a DM. We’ve got dice, we’ve got books. We’re willing to commute or at least meet halfway, if not host. Snacks can also be provided… after all, what’s a game without food? :wink: We used to have another player but she can’t play with us now… i know this thread is a bit old, but if anyone (folks who posted before or new folks) want to get a game going… It’d be great!


My husband and I would love to play.(2nd, 3rd,3.5,4) We are in Taipei near Tiemou. We would prefer to host (we have a baby that does sleep) but might be willing to travel a short distance. We also have the materials to run a World of Darkness werewolf game if anyone is interested. Let me know.


I’d love to meet up for a regular game. I have played all of the above, though lately I’ve been pretty into 4ed DnD (fast, fluid combat) I live just across the river in Yonghe. My place is a bit small to host, but I can ride my scooter anywhere within reason.


World of Darkness players! Awesome! The Taipei DnD group did play it for a while, but dropped it only cos none of us wanted to Storytell/DM - we all wanted to be players! :wink:

Well my husband does like to DM, so no worries there. Though I must admit he does get esoteric sometimes. :slight_smile:
So what is a good time/day for everyone?

I’m certainly up for smacking a horde of Drow warriors with a Cone of Cold, but I need to be able to SMOKE! Any smoker-friendly hosts?

Feel free to smoke on our balcony

I kinda like esoteric DMs. What I hate is when it gets too technical. A DM’s decision is final. Usually they have a plan of how they want the adventure to proceed, and there’s nothing worse than players who want to harp on about technical points. It’s about having fun, not science class. :laughing: Oh, and I haven’t played anything beyond second edition AD&D. Heh think I can recite the whole DMG.

If you are looking for a great campaign world then I suggest Eberron. I have a Valenar Elf(6th lv Ranger, 1st lv Blade of the Valenar, 2nd lv Fighter) and am having a great time. Just a really fun world to play in…and I have played in a lot.

So folks lets get this started shall we? Email me some contact numbers and we can set up a place to meet and mesh schedules.
Once again we are willing to host, have most of the books, are willing to DM (are not too technical) and you can smoke on our balcony. Drinking is ok in moderation and meals can be set up in advance if we all pitch in.
Come on I want to get this story out of my head…

so where would it be? Taipei?
when would it be? Sundays? or Saturdays? at what time?
i ask that bcz i live in Hsinchu and if its convenient i could join you guys to play from time to time, or are you guys going to play every week?

I have been playing D&D Tactics for PSP, and its fun… fixed story but i like the way they follow the rules…
the only thing that i dont really like is that i have to use all the characters… i would love only to use my fighter but… well i can learn a few things from the others…
but really my ideal player is a fighter transformed into assassin subclass !!!
another issue that i have got is some vocabulary… so, sorry if sometimes i dont use the proper name for stuffs of the game jejeje :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thx Elizabeth, but I NEED to smoke all the time. Nothing worse than having to combat a horde of Orcs and then throw percentile dice from the balcony!

I’m glad I stumbled across this forum! I would love to play D&D (any edition) if you have some room. I have lots of books and a huge amount of dice!

I live in central Taipei, but am willing to travel to wherever the game is (within reason). I am an experienced player and have even DMd before (although I don’t prefer it). I have also played several other RPGs such as ‘Paranoia,’ ‘Vampire of the Masquerade,’ etc, and both played and DMd ‘Call of Chthulu,’ but D&D is still my favorite.

If any of you have a game going, please let me know how to reach you or email me, thanks!