Dungeons and Dragons "D&D" (pen and paper, and PSP)


[quote=“Blaquesmith”]I just don’t understand why people like D&D so much and disregard other RPG systems… Usually, playing D&D involves insane amounts of both random and planned encounters and is very “hack&slash” oriented. Back in the day, I used to run games of Dark Sun, Spelljammer, Ravenloft… But in these games settings, the players used to go for the most straightforward plans. Once, after a specially weird (and VERY bloody) gaming afternoon, I decided that I would not be a surrogate gaming console for my gamers. If they feel like killing things an entire day, they can buy an Xbox (or a Playstation).

It took me some Cyberpunk 2020 games to reset my players’ software and restart them in “cautious” mode. Nothing as a couple of friday night gunfights to make anyone realize getting involved in violence is usually a bad idea.

Then the World Of Darkness games allowed me to do some innovative role-playing. That is, until some of the players began to screw it up and fell again into their violent tendences’ grasp. Then the campaign fell apart and we didn’t have enough time to set it right again.

Oh, well… (rant mode off)[/quote]

D&D is the most well known, and entry level game out there. That’s why so many play it.
Back in the day I picked up a World of Darkness book, and in the ‘example of play’ section, it was all about playing out a romance between the PCs and the DM or some such. I decided to go back to elves and spells.

Anyways, if your players just went hack and slashing through Ravenloft and Darksun, I think there was something missing. Darksun is supposed to be incredibly brutal, with death around the corner at all times from an uncaring world, and Ravenloft is like the undead version of that, where the world really is out to get you.

My campaign is all homemade stuff, cities, overworld maps, dungeons, etc. One thing I tell my players early on is that not everything is beatable. Just because they encounter it, doesn’t mean it can be overcome, and you have to decide what to go after and what you can really do. After a warrior idiotically charged a dozen peaceful myconids, and died for it, they got the idea pretty well that fuckups will kill them. Since then, they’ve been quite cautious, and we’ve actually had entire sessions without any real fighting or hack and slash, just talking to various NPCs, dealing with issues, exploring the cities, rooting out mysteries, etc etc. It’s been 3 sessions since they’ve seen a dungeon actually.

Really, it’s not about the system so much, as about how you run it.


I did, at the same time I posted. I don’t and didn’t expect an instant response.

What? I can’t bring my netbook to a meeting? This ain’t 1984 when the only laptop was a Tandy Model 100.

Cost is irrelevant. I’m lazy and don’t want to drag around the weight of three or four books.

The problem isn’t people liking different systems. As with most things, the problem is idiots who “think” others aren’t allowed to disagree with themselves or like different things (or like certain things, period).


When there are 5 people around a table, and your sole source of books is just a netbook, things slow to a crawl. Person A needs to check some spells, B wants to shop for goods, C wants to check some random rule, D needs to make a new character because he just failed a save vs death…

I use a netbook, but I also use hard copies for the common stuff (PHB). Then again, we meet in my apartment, so there’s no problem of weight.


Both of your posts were a while ago, but in case you’re checking in, let me know. I live in the Hsinchu area and thought about taking up the game again.

I have PDFs of the first edition (the classic hardcovers) as well as the Basic and Expert books (with the old Erol Otus covers), plus a pile of unique dice.[/quote]

Sounds good to me… maybe 1 or 2 sessions per month could work… full day sessions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Wondering if this post is still active somewhere deep beneath the frozen ground?

I’m looking for some people to play role-playing games with (World of Darkness or anything at all). Maybe I could join up with some of you?



I’m still here and would love some gaming… but the “here” has changed. I’m now in Ilan county


Yilan County is rather far for me, are you staying there permanently? Taipei would be more suitable for me but if we find more people we could definitely find a location as well.


it looks permanent to me… If the gaming session is to be many hours at a time, I have no problem spending an entire day or even a weekend in Taipei


Hey !

Any gamers of roles playing games (on papers) still looking for other gamers? (in Taipei is better ^^)


[quote=“natahem”]Hey !

Any gamers of roles playing games (on papers) still looking for other gamers? (in Taipei is better ^^)[/quote]

Try the Taipei RPG and Models group on Facebook. 48 members and slowly growing. There are some games going on of various kinds. Join, post what you’re looking for and maybe something will come up.



Ok I will have a look!
Thanks for the info!


Well, any D&D games in Taipei? I AM permanently in Yilan County…but going to Taipei for games is easy for me


I am a member, but can’t hurt to check in here, too. I miss a steady diet of dungeons and dragons


Over the next two months I’ll have a good bit of free time in the evenings. I am willing to host a D&D game at my place on Keelung rd in Taipei. It is about equidistant between two mrt stops of brown and xinyi line, and there is a bus stop directly in front of my place.

I can dm a game or can play in one. Any interest?


Well, I would be interested to play. I will be a bit rusty though, having stopped playing D&D in the late 90s. However I played a self-made role play game similar to it and hosted it til 2004. No idea if I’d fit in though. Just look at my avatar… :wink:

And no idea if I fit in. Gosh, I am almost 50. Guess you are all young strapping lads in he 20s…


We will be playing this Saturday starting at 3pm. Come one come all, no experience needed!


Is it too late to join now? I am totally new and want to try it out btw


I think it will be ok, we might be getting to large though. Let me check. I am of the opinion that it should be fine. We have a private fb group for Taipei RPGers if you would like to join.



PM sent!


Where can I get the dice for RPG games. I don’t have time to play in a group, but I really could use the dice for games in my classroom.