Dungeons and/or dragons

I will be in taipei in three or four months and am interested in joining a d&d group if there is one,
Or starting one if there isn’t.
In an ideal world, i would like to be a PC, not the DM, and i prefer 3.5/pathfinder but would play any version. Even old 2nd edition… Never read the 4th/5th ed. Books…

Post in this thread if this sounds appealing to you, especially if you wanna DM.
I’m bringing minis, dice, dungeon tiles, etc…

Have you been to http://桌遊.net/ Alchemy Games? They apparently have an ongoing D&D campaign. (Forgot which branch it’s at – possibly more than one?) Their Zhongxiao-Fuxing branch is very nicely kitted out as gaming space as well.