Dunhua Road Linear Park Bike Riding

Really enjoying the paths in the middle of Dunhua Road lately. The trees and bushes are filling in and helping give a nice appearance and blocking out the traffic noise. Not so much traffic and bad air

It’s more for casual bike riding sometimes requiring stops at stop-lighted intersections.

The tree lined areas are pretty spectacular in some areas. The trees and shadows are beautiful mornings and beautiful at night with the lights just very nice.

  • Between Keelung Road and Renai Road is nice and unbroken.
  • Between Renai Road and Nanjing Road has intermittent paths.
  • Between Nanjing Road and Minquan Road at the Taipei Airport is nice and unbroken.
  • The west side of the road seems to have a little bit more path.

Feels like I live the farthest away from any riverside bike path so this is a good option.

I wish they would develop the area between Zhongxiao and Nanjing. Mostly no paths in those areas.


What about Renai Rd? Aren’t there ridable paths on the islands in the middle?

I think it breaks at Minsheng E Rd, coming from Nanjing E Road, then continues for another section to Minquan.

Not much. Only one or two spots.

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Another park you can bike through is the linear park right above the MRT red line between Zhongshan and Yuanshan stations.

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Another option not that far away: following the Keelung River path (on the south side) roughly connecting Yuanshan to Songshan MRT stations.


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The old railway line from to Tamsui! By the side of the lane that follows this going south a block or two before Minquan West station there’s a bust commemorating a guy who saved a child who was playing on the tracks from being hit by a train.