Duterte says he would resign if anyone could name a country that was prepared for the pandemic

Taiwan. Bye, Digong! :wave:


He’s a bit of a China cuck, so he’ll probably say Taiwan isn’t a country.


Relax, the Marcos family is back in the game. :thinking:

He does this all the time. He says he’ll resign or something whatever.

When held to it, he reneges.

Same with this guy. He’ll find a technicality as an excuse to renege at the very least.

LOL. That’s about the fifteenth time he’s threatened to resign without ever doing it.

The answer to his question (depending on your views on human rights and State intervention) is either “Sweden” or “Iceland”. I think he should offer to resign if he can’t find those countries on a map. Taiwan is a maybe, since they adopted a unique (and arguably successful) strategy of “see no evil”; it’s a bit hard to say a country is “prepared” if its overall strategy is “do some stuff and assume that it works”.

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Taiwan was very prepared to contain outbreaks, New Zealand also did an excellent job. So i guess there’s two