Duty Free Alcohol

I know you can bring back 1 liter of alcohol back duty free. My question is how much tax do they charge if you want to bring back more?

Just from experience, in 14 years I have never been checked once. I’ve brought up to 12 bottles of wine back from France and New Zealand with no trouble at all.

I claimed the extra alcohol at customs and was simply told “It’s Chinese New Year, it’ll be fine this time”

So I still don’t know what the rates are.

This is the times when you got to love living in Taiwan :smiley:
Despite a lot of shite, this is a fantastic place in its own right

Does anyone know if I can bring 2x0.5 liters of alcoholic beverages instead of 1x1 liter? I can only find some information here https://www.hpa.gov.tw/EngPages/Detail.aspx?nodeid=1054&pid=6355

You’re fine, trust me. One time at the duty free shop, I tried to buy two cartons of smokes. The woman said I could only buy one. “But I want two.” She sighed and rang it up. They care way more about pork or produce than an extra bottle of scotch.

its ok, they look at total volume of booze, not number of bottles.

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I know people that might not agree with you.

Oh-kay. Don’t know what part, but that’s fine. That was my experience. My father-in-law wanted me to pick up a carton for him too, so I was definitely leaving the airport with two.

I just know that most Taiwanese don’t care about an extra bottle of booze, especially in this case since it’s still the outlined amount.