Duty free goods at Songshan domestic airport?

Does anyone know whether duty free goods are available for flights to China from Songshan Airport? (I’d like to take a bottle of nice whisky to my friends in Shanghai but don’t want to have to check luggage on the flight.)

Doesn’t look like it. This is their shopping section

Off topic, but are prices really even any better at those duty free shops? They never seem like a good deal to me, at least any of the electronics. Duty Free, sure, and the store pockets the difference…

[quote=“divea”]Doesn’t look like it. This is their shopping section

divea, Thanks for the link.

I am hoping against hope that this link is out of date though, and that they are selling some duty free now that they have some international flights, as I’d really like to take a nice bottle of whisky to my friends, but don’t want to have to pack one in check-in luggage.

Anyone been on a cross-strait flight out of Sungshan and noticed? (I suppose having duty free or not for cross-strait flights could have political overtones too.)

To answer my own question, yes, there is a shop (maybe not technically a "duty-free " shop, but essentially the same thing) inside the airport after you clear immigration where you can buy spirits that can then be carried directly onto the plane. I hope this is useful information for those who want to take a bottle but don’t want to check in luggage.

It was great to fly directly from Songshan to Hongqiao in Shanghai and back. They ream you on the ticket price though. Mine was around NT$17,000 round-trip, which was more expensive than flying through Hong Kong would have been.