DV camera pricing

Is it worth the effort to go to Taipei?

My wife wants a video camera to take in her bag to capture the kids when they are at their funniest. I don’t particularly want to spend any money but would like it to last longer than the warranty and be able to connect with her Mac.

Did my research online and found what we need at a price I am willing to pay. Look locally and the price for the same camera is about double! Nothing can be found at any decent standard for under 20k. The cameras I was looking at in the US were about 9k for a cheap Canon or 18k for last years HQ dv.

Has anyone seen any decent prices in Taipei or will I just order from the US? I would rather buy it here as she says she needs it urgently.

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I was in Taoyuan last night and saw a place that had a lot of used cameras. You might be able to find something there that won’t cost much and be close to what you need. And if it’s your wife’s first time trying something like this, she may well get bored with it, or find a new hobby or something in a few months. Just a thought.

The store was easy to find - walk out of the train station and look right. The store at the end of the road that has a big neon Canon sign is the one. It’s not Hsinchu, but it’s closer than Taipei. They also sell new stuff.