DVD burn failures

I’m getting pretty pissed off. EVERY time I burn a disk, it fails the verification check. EVERY time. I’m using an external burner, that was great for a couple of years (and may still be…), Toast 8.0, and have switch disk brands. Nothing seems to help. I’m not toooo worried, because I’m looking at picking up a new iMac shortly, but it’s pissing me off.

Any ideas?

Check the DVD burner manufacturer website for any updated drivers. I had this happen on a BenQ external DVD on my old PC - it just started failing the verification process 4 out of 5 times. I was able to find a new driver and that did the trick - mostly. From 4 out of 5 fails I went to 1 out of 5 fails. Still not as good as it had used to be, but not too frustrating.

It’s no longer a problem as I have a new PC with an internal DVD burner.

Seems to be current. :fume: