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what’s the best dvd media? for -…in usa there are verbatim, sony but they got none of those here…

Good question. I have a friend who buys cheap Taiwan-made DVDs at Guanghua. He says that work pretty well in machines he’s tested with. I don’t know the brand. I’ll ask him to post here if he has the time.

There doesn’t seem to be that big a difference in brands of DVD media – just buy what’s cheapest. Many namebrand DVD-Rs are made in Taiwan and sold under different names here. The most important thing is to make sure your player will play your homemade DVDs. Check this site for compatibility:

If you are making VCDs, I’ve heard time and time again that Digimaster is the best blank CD for the job. If you have an older, more picky machine (like I do), you might want to try Princo CD-Rs. These can all be bought at Guanghua. Princo is sometimes sold under different names, so ask the person at the counter.

If you don’t like the idea of paying around NT$200 or more a pop for DVD media, you can also make SVCDs and miniDVDs (DVDs burnt on a CD-R–your project, however, can’t be more than about 13 minutes long).

Good luck!

What is the price range of DVD-R’s in Taiwan? How about for 4x media?



[quote=“konglong”]What is the price range of DVD-R’s in Taiwan? How about for 4x media?



I’ve paid from NT$200-NT$500 for them.
By 4x media do you mean blank CDs?

By 4X I mean DVD-R media. I currently have the Pioneer A05. http://www.dvdrhelp.com/dvdwriters.php?DVDnameid=55&Search=Search&list=

DVD-R 4x (1x DVD = 9x CD)
CD-R 16x
CD-RW 10x

Where those prices for 2x media? I recently purchased 4x DVD-R’s off the net here in the US for $45 for a pack of 25. So just less than $2/piece. No coasters yet. I can burn a DVD in 15 minutes.

Well, if those prices you stated are current, I sure hope there are some drops in prices, or I may have to bring some with me when I move there in July. Thanks for your help.


Hi, DVD-Rs are about US$3, maybe cheaper if you buy them in bulk from Guanghwa.

Oops! Just checked again – DVD-Rs are down to US$1.28 a piece now.

I just picked up some 4x DVD-R media in GuangHua last night. NT$45 for a no name brand, non bulk price. I have had good luck with them before. No coasters yet.

They do not seem to have the DVD-R 2x media anymore. I have heard rumors as to why. So go with the 4x

[Guanghua 3/23/2003]

Melody DVD-RW $30NT (green print) - Yes “RW”
Chika DVD-R $25NT (white print)
Memorex DVD-R $40NT (silver print)

$1US is about $35NT

Thank you for informing us with the current prices. I don’t think I will take any blanks with me to Taiwan. Those prices are great.


konglong: If you absolutely need to have a specific brand, bring them with you. Prices are great but sometimes you’ll have trouble finding a particular brand. On the upside, the ones that are being sold in guanghwa are usually at least decent quality, otherwise they wouldn’t be selling them.

hi guys what’s the best brand for dvd9 dual layer in taiwan?? thanks