DVD player?

What’s the price for a dvd player in taiwan?

I mean a dvd player that can play all regions… specially modified.

I would like to know the average price, so that I won’t get cheated… eh eh… :wink:

Start at around NT$3,000 or even less and go up to NT$20,000+. Many of them are all-region straight out of the box, but its always best to plug it in and make sure before you leave the shop.

We got an Aiwa from one of the big chain stores for about 4000 - all regions out of the box.

Cheapest DVD Player I have seen is now at NT$2500. Usually there are of the “I-can-play-anything” kind and codefree / multiregion out of the box.
Don’t expect more than an acceptable performance (pic and sound quality) though, as well it might not be as user friendly as more expensive models.
If you need an English OSD (on screen display) make sure to ask for it and check it out.
The first player I was sold was supposed to have it, in fact there was an option in the OSD to switch to English but it didn’t work so the shop exchanged it to the next model up (for the same price :slight_smile: ).

If you get a branded model make sure to request for multiregion capability, it may need to be modified first. As well they do not necessarily play all the new formats (MP3 etc) or have all the gadgets, but usually you are rewarded with a better performance.

Depends on what you want it for and where do you connect (21" TV or 50" Plasma) … :wink: