DVD to mp4?


I’m looking for recs on programs, preferably free, that work best for converting DVD and other video files to ipod compatible mp4. I downloaded a trial version of Video Vault and was quite happy with it, but alas, the trial period has expired. Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated! Tks!

Definitely a winner: pspvideo9.com/

It works great on my PSP (or for all MP4 equipment) , lots of possibilities and FREEEEEE :bravo:

I know, I checked up on it yesterday and was faced with like 20-30 different programs! Thanks for the rec, I’ll have a look tonight. Tks!

use DVD Decrypter then VOB to MP4 use Videora

Quicktime pro

I’m a little behind the curve here, but is there an easy way to convert just the audio from a video file into an .mp3 file? I can get lots of streaming video in Chinese but would like to have just the sound so I can listen to it on my mp3 player.

i’d say, try virtualdub (virtualdub.org).

I’m definitely behind the curve here – apologies for teh dumb question, but how do you make virtualdub work? I’ve downloaded it, but my computer says it is not a Windows 32 bit program. I tried running it from the command line as well but no go. Am I missing something obvious, or something not so obvious? The features sound great, so I’d really like to make it work!

download and install autogk (autogk.net). a version of virtualdub called virtualdubmod will install with it… you might be able to extract just virtualdubmod from the installer package if you dont want the full thing!

I got a new motorola phone. It allows me to import mp4 formats. What’s a good free utility to help me import home videos to my phone.

I use U-Lead Video Studio(OEM) version so I can create most popular formats from my DV camera.

Please sugest the best file be it avi, mpeg etc to mp4.