does anyone know how much dvdrs and cdrs are in Taipei I am almost out of dvdrs :frowning:

IMO, cheap :slight_smile: I bought some CD-Rs (with covers) for about $15 NT each and DVD+RWs for about $55 NT each. I have a vague idea the single writes were $37 NT or thereabouts. I’m sure they’re available even more cheaply elsewhere or if you buy in bulk - I just bought where it was convenient. Also the ones with cases cost more, obviously.

daasgrl, damn you paid too much for your cd-r(s). Without even going to the computer market, Aurora sell then in packs of 50 for $369.

I saw DVD-R in a stationary store for $199 for a pack of 3, so they’re not too expensive either.

Yeah, I knew they were probably on the expensive side, but I needed them NOW :slight_smile: Besides, the 50-pack you mention was on a spindle, right? I just wanted three with hard cases. And they were pretty :slight_smile:

OK, if you just wanted three then fair enough. And yeah, they were on a spindle with monkeys on the label :smiley:

what about off the street prices are they any different then in shopping malls