Dvds and vcds in Taipei

hi i’m visiting Taipei soon and need to find out where the best places are to get dvds and vcd.
particilarly interested in mixed martial arts videos (K1, Pride, UFC)


Indonesia. Don’t ever post the same topic in two threads/forums agian or I’ll have to get uppity on your ass. :imp:


PS. As if.

If you want to see those videos when you go back to another part of the world, you will have to have a special player. Taiwan is in global area#3, while the US is area #1. You can get the right player, but u can’t get the cheapest dvd/vcdplayers available. Even if it is the correct NSTC/PAL format you might not be able towatch your videos.

i have the player thats not a problem

Definitely check out the Guang Hua market. Upstairs they sell all kinds of computer and electronics necessities, and downstairs they sell CDs, VCDs, DVDs and also used books. Because there are about 20 shops selling VCDs and DVDs all in one location it’s really convenient.

Take the Zhongxiao Fushing exit, and walk north and a little east. It’s on Padeh Road under the overpass. It’s open until 9 pm. I made the mistake of going there on a Tuesday a couple months ago. It’s closed every other Tuesday for some reason.

I rekon you take the MRT blue line and use the ChungHsiao / HsinSheng station, it’s closer and you just walk north from there.

Also known as Bade Road or Patch Road. :wink:

my directions are bad… take rascal’s advice