DVD's created by me won't play on other players? Works fine on orignal burner

This sucks. I’ve had a DVD burners for a long time and they would run until being burnt out. I have a Pioneer DVD burner. Recently the DVD’s I’ve made don’t play on other players. It would work for a short time then it would go through a cycle of playing and stopping. Some times it passes. Other times it just stops dead.

A friend explained that the lens has become slightly out of focus and though the data can be read and written by the drive itself, it is not clear enough for other players to read.

  1. Is this true? 2. Can it be fixed. 3. What brand should I buy to replace my current burner. I need maximum compatibility with other brands because I send videos to family and friends back home. I don’t want to spend too much if the damn thing will not function after a year or two.

Did you FINALIZE the dvd ? YOu have to do that to make it playable on players other then the one it was created on.

Finalize? I’ll look into that. I was using the pre-set setting for burning a Video DVD. If I recall, finalizing only works when you are editing and adding files. This problem occurs whether I’m creating an original DVD or running DVD copy. Software is Nero.

sometimes poor quality blank DVDs and way too picky DVD players (especially those made by Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi) would refuse to play nice.

Also dvd+ works better that dvd- on dvd players.

on my dvd burner (which only accepts DVD+ ) i have to “finalize” it or else it wont play on any other player except itself.

so after i record something and im done recording , i have to specifically use the controls to “finalize” the dvd.

my recorder doesnt work on DVD minus or DVD RW.

For $480 at Sun Fair, I just got a new one. I don’t want to remember how much I paid for the original one. Pioneer. The same model was over a thousand dollars a year or so ago. I will go with broken hypothesis. To prove it, will have to wait for time to remake the DVD’s that I passed to family and friends.

Oh yes, this is so annoying. I have lots of DVDs from my early digital photo days which suddenly do not play anymore on any DVD drive. I hate that. Thank goodness I made multiple copies at other points in time when I had the next DVD burner, so I guess I did not lose many photos.

What helps is monitoring the failure rate of burned DVDs and exchanging the drive early. Have the failure rate increase from 5% to over 10% or so and out it goes. I now burn 3 copies and one of them is burned with a second DVD burner. DVDs are not a very reliable media. But then again in the digital age, what is?

I recommend IMGBurn for the software and Verbatim for the discs. I used to burn hundreds of dics and almost never had an error with this combo.

This man speaks the truth. IMGBurn is free and easy to use - has never given me problems. Verbatim discs are high quality; generally, they are rebranded Taiyo Yuden’s, the best out of Japan. Get the DVD+R, not the DVD-R, as they will be accepted by more players. A pack of 50 Verbatim DVD+R is pretty cheap if you shop around in the tech districts, Nova, 3C, etc.