Dynamo flash lights

You know one of those flashlights that you either crank a handle, or shake the thing, or squeeze a handle for 30 seconds to a minute to give you about a half hour of light. I have a need for one of these because you know how it is, you grab a flash light for whatever reason and the battery just happens to die on you right then and there! Or you had a power failure during a typhoon or earthquake and no one has batteries around, or your battery powered flashlight had a dead battery out in the middle of nowhere.

Where can I find one of these things, and how reliable are the ones you can find here?

That’s a great idea for typhoon supplies, as would be a wind-up radio; they make them in combo units with both functions:

shopping.pchome.com.tw/?m=search … T_24&c=E02

momoshop.com.tw/goods/GoodsD … rpCategory