E-cigarettes/vaporisers legality in Taiwan


is it still legal ? can i bring my vaporiser when i am coming over in may 2018


this may answer your question

Police Captain Tseng Jung-tai (曾榮泰), who heads the First Squadron of the Third Special Police Corps, said 865 bottles of e-liquid, 89 e-cigarettes and 447 e-cigarette cartridges with battery-powered vaporizing chambers were seized.

“Because e-liquid contains nicotine and other controlled substances that are prohibited by the act, their manufacture, import, export and sale is prohibited,” Tseng said.
People found guilty of breaking the law face a maximum of seven years in prison, he said.


It’s pretty simple, they are illegal to import, sell, buy and use! It’s like weed, it’s illegal to grow, sell, buy and use!


I saw a new vape shop downtown yesterday.


Not all liquid has nicotine in them though, are those legal?


It’s pretty simple, they are illegal to import, sell, buy and use! So no, they are not legal!


What makes you think so? The article seems to say that nicotine and other controlled substances are the issue.


I think I read it somewhere too.

Found this.


The title is interesting, but the text doesn’t really clarify things though.


Vape store in Taipei

No. 6號, Lane 104, Section 3, Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei


If there’s such a store, doesn’t it mean that vape is not completely illegal, unlike some posters mentioned a couple of times?


No :slight_smile: But I’m inclined to think it’s the nicotine fluid that’s illegal and not the apparatus itself, much like with head shops that sell smoking items.


Exactly, like it ain’t illegal to sell bongs or pipes or Bob Marley hats.
Although, I’ll bet a person would still get hassled plenty for carrying nic-free vape juice, even if they eventually weren’t charged.
Your front-line Customs goons aren’t normally much on nuance.


This is what government says. In Chinese.



What did you decide? What happened?

The answer has been given above, but just to confirm. On a flight to and from Penghu (I won’t refer to it as 澎湖 due to those who still blame me of arrogance – the truth is that I hate the Romanized systems’ inconsistent application and preference for bopomofo , aka 注音符號 or ㄅㄆㄇㄈ, due to the direct symbol-sound correspondence and ease of use for typing on my cellphone) I heard an announcement that vaping and such requirement was technically illegal in Taiwan. I seldom listen to the flight instructions, but this one stuck me as odd. I guess a bureaucratic way of stigmatizing marijuana at the sacrifice of helping people eliminate the tar and other toxins from their smokes. My advice to everyone is to avoid importing such products.


Didn’t read the whole thing, but it seems to restrict: 1) products containing nicotine 2) advertising claiming it can aid in quitting smoking 3) products which appear similar in form to tobacco products.


I don’t get vapes. If I wanted to smoke I’d just smoke. Didn’t it come out vapes and e cigs are even worse for you?

I highly doubt anything would happen if you brought one with you and some juice. Unless it’s a lot or suspicious the customs agent don’t have time to question everyone on what that fluid is and certainly wouldn’t have a lab to test it there for what it is. Worst case they just take it away unless you pissed them off or you’re bringing a crazy amount that’s suspicious. It’s would just be annoying to get more juice.


Recently here in Texas, where pot is still illegal, you can walk into a head shop and buy CBD buds (hemp not marijuana). The problem is, it looks and smells the same. If you get busted with it, a cop wouldn’t know the difference. The bag states that it is hemp and a charge won’t hold up in court. These baggies are everywhere now, citing the reg; but of course are used for hemp and marijuana. Ha. So the system may now have to foot the bill to test individual busts. Oh the waters are muddied. Full legalization is nigh.