E-mail goose.egg@gmail to activate Forumosa registration

E-mail still doesn’t work at Forumosa.com – so write me directly so I can activate your new accounts.

Sorry for the extra trouble

Um, what does this mean exactly? If we aren’t “activated” for X length of time then what happens?

Thanks for asking.

If you register at Forumosa, we automatically send an activation code to your e-mail address. This way, we can be sure you typed in the correct address.

Since e-mail is NOT set up yet here, we cannot send out activation keys.

But Administrators can manually activate users. However, if you try to contact us at admin(at)forumosa.com or any @forumosa.com address, it won’t work.

So if you want to join Forumosa.com, you need to contact maoman(at)mail.com or goose.egg(at)gmail.com for our help

Hopefully, we’ll get this sorted out soon.