E-mail response

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but the email response thingy doesn’t seem to be staying up-to-date. I only get 1 or two emails when I should be getting more. Maybe I’m doing something wrong

Seems the same for me. What provider do you use, Miltownkid? I’m on Hinet, and they obviously changed something yesterday, so I got all my 400+ Hinet emails (since I signed up with them) again. However, I have hardly gotten any notifications since.

Is there something wrong with my email address again? :blush:


me 3

Hinet is one of the world largest ISP, also one of the most popular member of major blacklist on Hacking attempts, Spamming, etc.

So don’t be amaze if you are not receiving your mail as normally you should, don’t wait and call their Customer Service to complain and check what’s going on!


I was just wondering if the other ones (Miltownkid and Boss Hogg) were on Hinet, too. I’m not sure they are. And Hinet just moved some servers or something, I guess they’re still adjusting.

Anyway, all my notifications just popped up.


I use hotmail, so it doesn’t matter what service porovider I use, but for what it’s worth I use Hi-net DSL

ditto and ditto (Hotmail and HiNet)

Don’t forget that TOPIC notification is only supposed to send you the next message that is posted on your subscribed thread. You are then removed from notification for the thread until you come back and post a reply.

So for example: if you activate notification in a thread topic and 3 people reply before you come back, then you should only receive 1 alert.

I do not think FORUM notification works this way – but i haven’t experimented to check. I think if you activate forum notification for a certain forum, you should receive all replies to any of the topics. So in the above example, you would receive 3 alerts.

Naturally, if the above example is a thread in a forum where you do NOT have FORUM notify turned on, then you would only get 1 alert.


I’ve been getting e-mail bounce warnings to your Hinet account for the past 3 days. I do not recall any from other Hinet users (like miltownkid). Please look into this bec you get quite a number of alerts, and my inbox already receives a lot of “other people’s” intended mail :frowning:

What’s that with my email addresses? :frowning: First gmx, now the Hinet account? Do you still get the warnings? I seem to get my emails alright now. I usually forget to click “stop watching this topic” after posting, and I’ve been posting a lot lately :blush:

I’m sorry, Gus :blush:


Gus: do you still have problems with my Hinet account?


It sems fine now. thanks :slight_smile: