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Which is better, old or new?

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Hey All,

I hope you don’t mind but I was thinking about updating my index page and wanted to get everyones input before I do. Please let me know if you like the old one or the new one. Here they are;

Old : estoretaiwan.com
New: estoretaiwan.com/testindex.html

I appreciate your help in making the right choice.


Here’s a little constructive criticism, for what it’s worth. I have no preference for either layout over the other, but I do find your graphics and fonts too large. I don’t mind scrolling up and down, but nothing puts me off a site more than having to scroll from side to side. Then again, maybe that’s just me.

The site has been designed for 1280x1024 screens, not 1024x768 and that’s why you get the side scrolling I’d say…

Fantastic input. I’ll adjust the Screen display size and also the Comic Sans. Sorry, I have always been kind of fond of that font but the site isn’t for me but rather for a wide variety of people. Changes will go into affect ASAP.

The new site seems more professional to me.

I really must have a look at your stuff, 'cos I’m starving over here!

I like the new site better. And I’m glad I looked – I hadn’t looked at it since you launched and since I’m not interested in American junk food there wasn’t really anything there I could imagine putting in my stomach voluntarily.
Now you have all those hot sauces – jalapeno and habanero, YEAH! – BBQ sauces, and the sausages look amazing.
I’ll be ordering something soon for sure!

Sandman, I’ve got a meeting this week that may allow me to offer some new Hot Sauces at even better prices (though I do love the Harry’s flavor). Also, I’m looking to put a bit more effort on healthy foods so be sure to check back often or just look for update posts.

Thanks for all the input. As stated, I’ll go with the new look at the end of the week if it’s what everyone wants.

Make it work at 800x600 without any side-scrolling, since that’s the resolution most internet cafes run at (and lots of computers in Taiwanese homes - they don’t like squinting to read, I guess).

Lose the blue bevelled buttons, they’re old fashioned and don’t really serve any purpose. Simple text on a coloured background would look better and load faster. This especially applies to the “paint splash” buttons on the inside pages :slight_smile: They’re too big, too bold, too distracting, and they serve no purpose.

Having the shopping section on the front page is definitely a good idea, though the breakdown seems kinda arbitrary. Perhaps reorder it so it seems more logical. Also, do something about “Bathandhouse” and “Lcdtv”.

Bring back the “Island wide shipping for up to 5kg only NT$80” from the old front page, it’s a great hook because it’s the first question people will have.

Finally, consider hiring a professional designer to make some templates for you (which you can then insert content into yourself when you need to). I can recommend someone who can probably do it for a few grand, if you like - PM me.


Thanks a lot for the input. I’m really trying to address that Resolution thing as we speak. Not being a web designer myself and using a very simple program it’s taking me a few days. I hope I can get it done when I do the update.

Also, I’ll take your advice on getting rid of the paint splash buttons on the inside just as soon as I get this done.

Finally, I’d love to hire a professional designer but right now every NT I have goes into trying to get product on the site. Maybe if things pick up I can spend a few grand on it like you said. This being a 1 man show it is a very slow process. I just hope everyone stays with me and we can continue to make it better.

I would use a drop-down menu. What’s the concensus of opinion for replacing all those buttons with a drop-down menu?

I’ve written one for another website that works really well and can be added easily.

I think the graphics are a little… well… ugly.
You don’t really need all of them, do you? Simple is better.
Also, the text is too large.