E-Sun Bank now has ecoin accounts

…but how do they work?

see the Sun E. Bank website for details. you can sign up online, and use the account to pay bills. E banking made easy. maybe?

Also Hua Nan Bank has same thing.

article in China (sic) Post (read: Taiwan Post) today had the details. Business page, by William C. Pao, page 10

What is an ecoin account? I looked in the China Post on page 10 and did not see anything there.

Friday’s paper. Article by William Pao.

Anyway, to find out more. go to the Sun E. Bank website (google for URL) and click on the ecoin icon. You can register online, then deposit money into ecoin account and use it kind of like paypal. I think. I am still researching this…

Let me know if you find out anything more,

ecoin.esunbank.com.tw/myecoin/m … asp?main=6