I knew this pill would someday be useful. Look: “Scientists in America are set to begin a controversial study to see if the dance-floor drug ecstasy could be used as a medicine to help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.”

theage.com.au/articles/2003/ … 35160.html

See? E!


Give that shit up it’s crap!

Oh great…Etards.

E, is like, soooo 1997.

Let me raise the bar.

E, is like, soooo 1987.




Why don’t people enjoy good stuff anymore…like cold beer and a couple of grams of shrooms on a beautiful day on the Californian coast?

Who needs mind-altering substances when there are Taiwanese girls?

One man’s excstacy is another man’s fantasy.


IF that is the case, why can’t people just be happy… being alive!!!

why drink to have fun?? Why smoke to relief stress??

Shit, am I talking non-sense again?? I need a ciggie… :wink:

I drink because I was abused by my parents when I was a kid. They did terrible things, like locking up the liquor cabinet and refusing to buy me wine.

wowow ML:

Did you wrote all these while you were drinking?? Just wondering…
But great read and I sure know how men thinks now-a-day… :mrgreen:

Thanks ML,

I was only going to have two glasses, but fuck it!

[quote=“MiakaW”]wowow ML:

Did you wrote all these while you were drinking?? Just wondering…
But great read and I sure know how men thinks now-a-day… :mrgreen:[/quote]

Nah, I’m not that clever. It’s from one of my favorite websites:


…actually, a dangerous website for me to surf, as reading it invariably gives me the thirst.

Is that a crack pipe in your pocket or you just glad to see me, officer?

What a shocker. Who woulda thunk the insane genius behind “Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad” and “Maggot Brain” ever did drugs?

63 years old, though. Dude, sometimes you just gotta give up the funk. Free your nose and your mind will follow.


I’m sure no one in this list is actually interested in the truth about MDMA (commonly called E) since you seem to have pickled your brains with alcohol…

but MDMA was sanctioned for use in therapy by the AMA, and was listed (IE, made illegal) over their objections.

So, it’s refreshing to see that its therapeutic use is being recognised, again.

Nearly all drugs can be therapeutic, if applied correctly. Alcohol is good for the heart. Pot relaxes and eases the pain of cancer and AIDS. Opium and its derivatives are a surgeon’s best friend. I’m sure there really is something about psychedelics that opens up certain areas of the brain. So there’s nothing special about E…I’m sure it has its uses in controlled doses for certain conditions. Big difference between legitimate medical use and gulping down pills at a rave to get stoned.

mod lang, drugs are nature’s way of leading us to new insights, and everybody must get stoned. one way or another. Juice is good, wired pills are great too. but the important thing is to have a sense of direction. just getting stoned for the sake of getting stoned is silly, i agree with you. But even that has its good points. silliness also makes the world go around. i guess the important thing is not to get addicted. what i liked about E is it keeps you honest. altho i would never do E in Taiwan. too dangerous.

What makes it more dangerous to do here than elsewhere?