Ear, Nose, Throat doctor in Taipei

Anyone know where I can find an English speaking ENT doctor in Taipei? I’ve had terrible sinus problems and voice problems (I’m assuming it’s from living in the pollution for so long) for the last few months and would really like to get checked out. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is mentioned in another thread…just direct me if it is! Thanks in advance!

I had the same sinus problem recently and got excellent treatment from Dr. Simon Chen at the Adventist hospital. He’s not an ENT specialist, but he’s Western trained and fluent in English. The downside is he’s in the private clinic, so you’ll pay NT$ 1,000 + prescription charges. Still, for the speed and efficiency of the service I’d say it’s worth it.

His details are in this thread: forumosa.com/3/viewtopic.php?p=97949#97949

For my many years of thrice-yearly bronchitis, Dr. Liu, whose clinic is at the corner of Xinyi Rd. Sec 5 Lane 150 and Songren Road, is outstanding. Good English, nice guy, and he’ll let you out of having your sinuses vacuumed with that awful metal thing if you don’t want it done. Plus it’s a clinic, not a hospital so you’ll save some money.