Early diagnosis can save lives

This classic was in the Taipei Times yesterday, page 3.

A Taiwanese prostitute’s “professional knowledge” helped save the life of a client after she suspected him of having testicular cancer and told him to see a doctor. A 20-year-old university student, surnamed _____, who was visiting a brothel for the 1st time, “was skeptical but went to the hospital anyway” and was indeed diagnosed with that particular form of cancer, the symptoms of which include the enlargement of – or a swelling in – a testicle. Luckily for the man, the cancer was in its first phase. A local doctor removed the left testicle and said post-op that the operation would not affect the young man’s fertility or sex life.

Testicular cancer is easy to notice, your ball(s) get huge. (as you mentioned). Its amazing this guy needed someone else to notice something was wrong.

Coincidently, i just read Lance Armstrongs book (Its not about the ride), he had the disease in the worst form. I never realized how fast cancer spreads. Every day makes a difference. His spread to his lungs and brain.

I got the book from the main library (near Daan park) if anyone wants to read it, pm me and we can work out me dropping it off and you taking it out. Library card is free is easy to get, you can keep the book for 30 days.

lol maybe I also should go to have a ‘balls check’ :laughing:

Yes, I expect they take you into a small room where everybody takes their clothes off.

You know if its a real doctor because when you ask where to put your clothes they say “on top of mine will be fine”

I read the Armstrong book as well. Damn good read but he sure dislikes his real Dad.

I have a close relative died from this cancer and another is ill.