Early morning taxi ride?

I’m a female American student (Asian, often mistaken for Taiwanese, though my Chinese isn’t quite good enough to keep up the facade), and I’m heading to Japan in a couple of weeks for vacation. Since my flight is early on a Saturday morning, I have to get a taxi around 4:30 AM to get to Taipei Main Station and then take the bus to Taoyuan. Does anyone have any suggestion one way or another whether I can/should just hail a cab off the street, or would it be safer/easier to call one?

Just hail one. Choose a manky looking one with dents and scratches on it; it’ll go faster.

I’m Anglish, but a lot of people think I look Belgian.

Hail one. Don’t forget to ask for the price in advance.

I usually call one. Forget the bus though. Just take the cab all the way to the airport. Usually costs me under NT$1000 (you get a discount if you call one.) Much less hassle – you want to look your best when they pull you aside for the full body cavity search.

Maybe you wouldn’t get the full body cavity search if you didn’t look so darn good.