Early Retirees Moving to Taiwan



Yes, correct. Our families are located in SF Bay Area, so we eventually want to move back but want to experience living abroad.

I did consider teaching English, but I’m fairly introverted and not sure I have the energy level to handle a bunch of kids. :slight_smile:


Moving to Taiwan can be achieved by working, studying, opening a branch office, bringing fire and brimstone to the heathens, playing sports , being a rep of a foreign govt or visitor visas…in short not much different than anybody else that came here. No mystery.
Really retiring to Taiwan…that would be something different I thinks


Hey, Rampup, where do u live now in CA? I am currently travelling here and are willing to help you to move to taiwan if possible!


Can you please contact me regarding the Open Arts Work Permit?


Done. And for future reference, I am retired/on hiatus from this industry.