Early signs of baldness, what to do?

Rogaine rub 10 minutes a day
Look at Elon musk before and after plugs. It does work

It’s not the physical appearance that makes you unattractive but you being insecure about it. If someone does not like me because he/she finds it unattractive, good riddance, glad that person is not part of my private life.

Now, if my physical appearance has to do with laziness and an unhealthy diet, I don’t want people to like me, I want them to avoid me like the plague. This way I might get my act together and get back in shape.

Be proud of your baldness. It’s the way the creator created you, for whatever reason.


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I hear that:
• Eating less fried foods and sugar
• Not having A/C blow on your hair all the time
• improving scalp circulation / stimulate scalp
• getting enough Vitamin D
• Better management of sleep/stress

Are all helpful in helping temporary alopecia that is not genetically related…since coming to Taiwan, I noticed I have started to get some thinning hair on the crown of my head. I was so shocked because male pattern baldness does not occur in my family! So, hopefully this situation will eventually resolve itself. However, I do wonder if there is something here in TW specifically that is causing this thinning of hair that I was not exposed to back home. Kinda a mystery to me.

Anyone else have any non-chemical/plug-related advice?

Chickenshit is alleged to work, though given the average industrial chickens diet I dunno if that counts as “natural”.

Should be cheap, cheap though

I lost a lot of my hair in my 20s after having shoulder length hair.

Did not impact social life–the ladies were more into other areas. :joy: :joy:

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With regards to transplants some look really good, Elon Musk or Jeremy Pivin are good examples. However if you do get a transplant, and for example, you replace thinning hair in front then as time goes by the middle starts to recede further then you’ll have to keep getting transplants every so often. That’s the reason I won’t consider a transplant because eventually most or all of my hair will be gone by the time i’m 60 years old like my dad.

I think the Joe Rogan, Dwayne Johnson solution is the best. Clean, cool, comfortable. Own it.

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I’ve noticed a slight thinning of hair now that I’m 30.

I’m using micro needling and ketoconazole shampoo from this brand. I get the US one as the other countries don’t have keto in it for whatever reason.

I’ve noticed a slight improvement in hair volume and I don’t seem to be thinning anymore.

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There seems to be a Taiwanese belief that getting rain on your head causes baldness.

Given Taiwan’s air quality, this does not seem absolutely and inherently ridiculous, but its still a Taiwanese belief.

Contaminants in the Taiwan food causing hormonal disturbance might be another (more likely?) possibility

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The theory here is that tightness of the scalp is a major reason of baldness.

The hair regrow suggestions start at the 22:00 mark. Basically, massage your scalp.

Even if scalp massages don’t regrow hair, they don’t hurt and make your head feel good. Win-win! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you go to this guy’s website (link in the description below the video) and register your e-mail, you get access to a massage demonstration video on Vimeo.

Very detailed instructions, love it!

It’s convincing when the demonstrator has hair like that, btw., although an older guy would be even more convincing. :wink:

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I am available for older guy “before” shots at reasonable rates.

I suppose they could Photoshop me for older guy “after”, but in that case I’d have to charge more.

One has ones principles.

But not ones follicles

I always though that baldness had something to do with oily skin, genetics, wanking too much, etc. It’s always been the tightness of the scalp!

Going to massage my head now. 20 minutes a day sounds much, but then, how much time do we spend watching videos? Can easily combine the two. :bulb:

there’s always the sun


Hugh Cornwell’s flavour of the day, it seems.

I saw him play live around fifteen years ago and he was bald as a coot. Poor sod had to carry his own equipment into the venue.

I was standing at the bar in Leeds University Union a long time ago when I realised that the genial looking old guy next to me was in fact Peter O’Toole.

Was tempted to accost him with Sherif’s “This is my well” line, but fortunately discretion (or perhaps shyness) stopped me.

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It’s unavailable (perhaps because I’m in the UK), but the Spitting Image Peter No Tool sketch with Olly Reed is a classic.

EDIT: I’ve found it here - https://twitter.com/spitting_image1/status/1169316689391042561?lang=en