Earn minimum wage teaching English

Just thought there might be a few grizzled old English teachers here who would find this amusing (or not):


For UK citizens, they’re offering degree-qualified, experienced, certified TEFL teachers £8.50 an hour “with an opportunity to earn up to £12”, ie., NT$330-370.

UK minimum wage is about £8, I believe.

Clearly, it’s not like the old days. I think Pizza Hut offer more than that, with better career prospects.


Working at Pizza Hut would probably be a more fun experience too. At least you get the perk of free shitty pizza when you’re hungry.


And Pizza Hut would (I assume) not pretend you’re not an employee.

They probably use a good portion of their cash flow for advertising.

I do have friends who have gone for, and fallen, for their pitch. “Personalized one-on-one online classes by specialists 24-hours a day on demand”. If you’re a engineer of some sort of specialization and want training at 2AM…BOOM, they deliver though I would think that sort of thing would pay a bit more.

I have a friend in the states who taught English online to some Chinese kids. I told her just to come out to Asia, but she was too scared to uproot her comfortable western life (there are some like that). She quit after a few months because they kept wanting her to teach in the middle of the night like 2 or 3am.

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As mentioned elsewhere, I don’t see how this is a problem as long as they’re offering a salary commensurate with the loss of employee-related perks. Very occasionally, I do contract work where I am most definitely not an employee (except nominally of my own limited company). But the pay rate is considerably more than £8 an hour.

I’m just amazed that EF actually get anybody showing interest. I suppose the popular maxim applies: “there’s a sucker born every minute”. It’s a bit like those fraudulent phone calls you get from someone with a Beijing accent telling you he’s your brother and he needs some urgent cash. 99,999 people will put the phone down. One of them will send some money.

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Colleague of mine worked at Pizza Hut back in the day. He loved it. Free pizza, cute female coworkers (assuming they stay away from the pizza, I suppose), and very good employer-employee relations. If you have ambition, you’ll get good management training at Pizza Hut.


I heard from a fellow teacher that there are same opportunities in Thailand too. It’s the new online ELT trend!

A friend of mine is going to Vietnam to teach. Quite a few people seem to be heading there these days. I think that’ll be the next spot to blow up for expat teachers.

Followed by Cambodia…

Thailand one is…VIPKIDS.

I thought that company was Chinese, or did they just add an S to distinguish it?

Sorry. Misspelled by my friend.
Here’s website…

Heard $22 per hour.
I have no experience with this company.

$22 USD roughly translates to 660 NTD an hour, which is bloody peanuts. And even worse, when a company says “make up to” it usually means most of the time you’re making considerably less, especially if you’re new.

Isn’t this how Tutor ABC has be able to make a profit, offering North American housewives minimum wage to teach local kids through the internet?

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